Meeting Arabella

A hand at Margot's elbow brings her along as he re-enters the suite and passes through the sitting room to return to the reception hall.

"Alooo… Aloooooo…" The call is repeated two more times, echoing differently each time as though the caller is moving around.

"We are here, Arabella," Kendall replies after the second call, impatience in his tone.

When they finally arrive at the reception hall, the princess catches sight of a tiny wisp of a… girl? A very small woman? The girl leans around the door to the parlor with hands grasping the door frame for balance. She is perhaps four feet tall and willowy thin, with long thin arms and legs that somehow manage to look smooth and graceful instead of spindly. She turns around when they enter the hall behind her.

"Oh, hello cousin," she greets them both. Her entire aspect is white, from the fine silvery white hair that floats about her head like a fuzzy mist, to colorless eyes, and pale, pale skin. She's covered by what look to be puffy white clouds that surround her body in cottony fluff from neck to mid-thigh. Her dress, for lack of a better word, trails misty tendrils as she moves.

She smiles with white lips, showing very white teeth as she drifts over to the bedchamber door. "I was just making sure all the gorlacks are gone. Aloooo…." A flicker of lightning illuminates the back of her dress as she leans over to make the haunting call into the next room.

Kendall glances at the princess, giving her a gesture with one hand to wait, which he does as well while Arabella goes next to the sitting room door to call within. Margot obediently remains quite still, uncertain of what to make of all this. Especially the lightning and the thing called a 'gorlack.'

Eventually, all done with calling into all the rooms, Arabella makes way over to join the two waiting on her. She giggles as she holds out her hand, which Kendall accepts and leans over to kiss, as expected. And as though it, too, is expected, he expertly bats aside her other hand before she can put it on his head.

The kiss to her hand delivered, he straightens and releases her. "Not to worry, Arabella. I am not infested with klurgles, or zo'ks, or purplerooters," he says irritably. "And neither is Margot."

Arabella's wide eyes turn to Margot, looking the princess up and down with concern wrinkling her pale brow and pursing her bloodless lips. "Oh…" she says, sounding relieved or disappointed. "But what about mickerals?" she asks. Her airy voice matches her floating hair and dress, and her unhurried words seem to drift out of her mouth on a light breeze.

"Not mickerals, either. Or anything else you might dream up," he answers. "Margot, this is my cousin, Arabella. Arabella, this is Margot, who journeyed here with me from Amber."

"It is a privilege to make your acquaintance," Margot answers politely. "Your home is quite stunning."

"Oh, it's not my home," Arabella replies distantly, giving the princess a curtsey with a strand of cloud pinched between her fingers. "But I'll be sure to thank whoever's it is for you." She stands up and begins twirling slowly around, looking up at the leaves in the ceiling.

"Arabella, would you be so kind as to look after Margot for a while?" Kendall asks.

"Hmmm…." His cousin stops twirling to look at him over her shoulder, giving him a dreamy smile. "For how long a while?"

"Until she must leave, or I return," he answers. "Whichever occurs first."

Arabella turns a little so she can look at Margot over her shoulder instead. "I don't know if she'd work, you know," she says. "I can't see any z'neers in her aura…"

"I am sure she'll be fine," he answers, giving Margot a reassuring smile. "Mother has agreed to host her, and I knew you would be the perfect hostess."

"I would be honored if you would teach me of these beings you are concerned about," Margot interjects with a smile. "Perhaps then I may be able to assist you when you attempt to round them up." Her tone remains pleasant, bordering on melodic as she speaks with the other woman, positive energy radiating from her in hopes of gaining the girl's confidence.

"There are many important things to tell a visitor to the Halls of Yearning," Arabella agrees after some thought. She begins to twirl again as she thinks it over, the pause stretching uncomfortably long.

"Arabella?" Kendall prompts her.

"Hm?" She pauses to look from the Lord to the Princess and back again. "Oh… I thought you heard me before. Yes, I will take good care of her for you, Cousin," she agrees with another smile.

He nods. "Thank you, Arabella. She has some belongings in the manor in Silver that should be sent for, and perhaps… the servants? Aelwyn and Dilys?" Kendall looks at Margot questioningly.

"That would be most appreciated, yes,” Margot agrees. “That is, of course, if Silver is able to spare them."

"Oh, certainly— Oof!" Kendall’s response is interrupted when his cousin abruptly throws her arms around him, hugging him tightly. Her head only came to about chest height, and her thin arms are immediately lost in the folds of fabric. She lays her cheek against him, closing her eyes and smiling, and the Lord hesitates for is an awkward moment before he puts his arms around her back and hugs her in return. Eventually, she releases him and steps back.

"I just wanted to make sure you didn't have any bripts hiding under your clothes. Lord Serpent doesn't care for those, you know," she says with an angelic smile. "But you should make sure to take some gorly roots with you… just in case."

Arabella tips her head to look at Margot. "Don't worry. I'm sure Lord Serpent will love him. I'll go find those things for you now. Don't go anywhere until I get back."

And with that and a little giggle, she skips over to the door and lets herself out.

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