Status: Inactive.

Game: All Our Yesterdays, online Alternate Amber Elders game, set shortly before the beginning of Nine Princes in Amber. GMed by Yorlum.

Occupation: Justiciar of Amber, Princess.

Parentage: King Oberon and Queen Faiella of Amber.

Known Relationships: All four of the Faiellan children have a special loyalty to each other. It is also sometimes whispered that Prince Corwin bears Deirdre a special fondness, though she has never acknowledged this. Deirdre is fiercely loyal to her father and Amber. She is friendly with her half-sister Llewella, but she bears her half-sister Fiona a special enmity.

General Personality: Loyal, direct, impatient. Deirdre is a busy woman, and does not suffer people who waste her time.

Haunts: Amber Castle, though she does go into the city periodically. Deirdre has never felt the wanderlust that has pulled other members of the sprawling family away from Amber for long periods of time.

Physical Description: 5'10" and smoothly muscular, with black hair usually worn short. Deirdre favors black, white, and silver.

Pets/Familiars: None.

Casting: Chandra North.

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