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Status: Inactive.

Game: They Came To Amber, online Amber 3rd Generation game, set one year after Patternfall. GMed by Vreichras.

Occupation: Arden Ranger, Special Ops.

Parentage: Amber peasant woman and a Chaosian invader.

Known Relationships: Alima, a wise woman and herbalist, and Desta's adoptive mother. A young common man named Madan from a village near Alima's home. Desta is currently an agent of Prince Julian.

Trump Description: There are no official Trumps of Desta, but if she was ever convinced to sit for one, it would likely show her dressed in dark clothes, leaning casually while looking away from the artist into the distance. Her hair is pulled back away from her face to fall down her back in an untidy tumble. The attitude of her pose is impatience with the whole affair.

General Personality: Desta is shy. She is accustomed to being on her own, and is not completely comfortable with people, especially in large groups. She is serious, having little perception of humor or the ironic, and rarely smiles. She is also forthright, and often speaks exactly what comes to mind, which can be unfortunate.

Haunts: Desta can most often be found in Arden and the surrounding environs, and does not seem overly fond of cities. Her adoptive mother lives near the edge of the forest, and Desta visits her periodically. She also has use of guest rooms in the castle when she visits with Julian.

Physical Description: Desta is 5'5" and slight, though wiry, with freckled skin, green eyes, and long blond hair that is most often braided. She typically wears clothes of leather or canvas in dark brown or black. She prefers to go barefoot, but if she must wear something on her feet, she opts for soft moccasins or sandals. She does not wear jewelry, except for a small tiger eye earring in her right ear.

Pets/Familiars: None.

Casting: Caroline Trentini.

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