Farewell Sweet Princess

Kendall watches his kinswoman disappear with a pensive smile on his face. "I remember when she was quite different," he comments.

"How so?" Margot asks, watching with a tilt to her head as the other Chaosian scampers off, a slight smile teasing her lips. "I actually found her quite… refreshing."

"She has never recovered from her journey into The Cave," is the answer.

"What is the Cave and why would she or anyone journey into it?"

"The Cave of the Logrus," Kendall answers. "To endure the trials and become one with its power."

"Similar to the Pattern?" she asks with a furrowed brow, trying to understand.

"Somewhat, I suppose," he says. "I have no basis of comparison to know for sure."

"Have you visited the cave?"

"No, I have not," Kendall replies. "Traversing the Logrus is a privilege granted to those who have proven themselves worthy. I… had not yet gained such recognition prior to departing for Amber."

A silence grows around them as he looks around the entry way at the purple wood and the shimmering leaves, thinking on the past for the space of six heartbeats. Then turning his attention back to Margot, he faces her and lays a hand on her shoulder.

"Farewell, Margot," he says.

She blinks up at him at the suddenness of his words, a questioning look in her eyes. She isn’t certain if surprise, or hurt, or something else suddenly stole the wind from her lungs.

"Farewell? That's it? Nothing more?” she questions. “It's just that simple? I didn't expect I love yous, or well… I don't know what I expected… but to depart as if we were strangers?"

His eyebrows rise, though it's hard to tell whether in surprise or amusement. Perhaps both. His eyes turn their focus to the dark hair spilling over her shoulder and he curls a lock around his fingers as he ponders her question for a bit. But he meets her gaze when he answers.

"I do on some occasions think we would never fully understand each other," he says at last. "But I have not yet concluded whether this would be good or bad. Whether confusion and questioning would bring insurmountable frustration, or greater appreciation for the other, over time. But in any event, yes. It is this simple for me, Margot. I have done what I can for you, and now we must part."

Her expression softens both in understanding and emotion. "And yet, you speak with such finality. I'm trying to understand, trying to remain passive as you face your journey, but… But that goes against everything that I am. I want to be with you, at your side, when you face your trials. I want to be there to welcome you when you return. Must our bond be so easily severed?"

He shakes his head. "No matter how much friends, lovers, or enemies might share, there are some things — some questions and trials and decisions — that one must face alone," he answers carefully. "Here in the Courts, facing Lord Serpent is a trial for an individual. And as I explained, survival is no sure thing."

She gives him a chagrined smile. "I know, and I really am trying to understand. It just… It seems like with everyone distancing themselves from you and leaving you alone… You do have one person who will never do that, but you still seem intent on keeping me at arm’s length. That is what I don't understand, why you would distance yourself from your one true supporter.”

Kendall frowns in confusion. "I am sorry, Margot, but I don't understand. How am I keeping you at arm's length? And how is having you remain in Chanicut to learn the result of my trial not having you nearby?"

She smiles sadly. "I suppose it's not. Personally, I think our differences and attempts at understanding are what make our relationship so powerful. More challenging, more work, yes. But worth every ounce of effort. Kendall… I believe in you."

Now his lips turn up in a gentle smile, and he nods. His other hand comes up to cup one soft cheek in his hand. "Thank you, Margot. You are very kind and sweet, and I have enjoyed your company. You will always hold a special place in my affections, and I wish you the best of fortune and happiness." He leans over to kiss her tenderly.

Margot savors the feel of him, his scent, how he tasted. Her arms snake around his shoulders to feel his body press one last time against her own. Countless heartbeats pass in the embrace before she relinquishes him to his trial.

"Remember your promise, Kendall," she whispers against his lips. "There are too many wonders to enjoy, wonders that will lose their luster without you. I will worry, no doubt needlessly. But mostly I will miss you.”

"I will remember," he almost whispers his reply. He kisses the top of her head. "I will think of you while I hang above the Abyss and wait upon my fate, Margot. But you must mind your end of the promise, to look to and plan for your future."

She stands back slowly, her arms sliding over his shoulders and down his arms so she can take his hands in hers. "Do you believe that Dara would allow otherwise? But I will honor my word."

"Very good," he remarks. He releases her and steps back. Left hand follows the line of her arm to her hand, which he lifts as he bows over it to lay a kiss to the back. And then he departs without a backward glance or another word.

Margot watches him leave silently, then moves back through the library to the balcony to think. Her word would be kept. The question was, could she plan for the future and still save her lover from his fate?

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