Dear Princess: A Favor

"Sweet child, there are no real rules in Chaos…. only understanding and agreement," Dara explains.

"Understanding and agreement?" Margot sighs. "Ah, yes. That was how things were to be when I arrived in Amber. Freedom of will, except that was an untruth and I was severely punished for my innocence. At the Queen's blessing and then the Queen's hand to deliver the gift of incentive and learning." Her voice contains cool bitterness as she speaks the words.

"As I am without family, it seems natural and logical to believe that such… leniency will not be granted a Stranger in a Strange Land."

Footsteps from the top of the spiraling stairway precede the younger Chanicut Lord, who walks around and around the stairs to join the trio below. He looks over the railing to take in the current tableau, but waits until he reaches the bottom before nodding to acknowledge both Dara and the princess. "Strangers often care less about rules and leniency than those who have direct interest, such as an image to maintain or profits to be gained," he comments.

"So I should not be interested in such things?" Margot returns with an amused smile. Yet despite her good spirits and interest in playful verbal sparring, her color was ashen and her face hollow with motion sickness. "It's simply expected that I or any other visitor will play the fool and so better to be a pretty bauble to tempt and tantalize so that people will quickly forget my social missteps? An exotic bird often squawks at the most inopportune time and yet people are still fascinated and enchanted by the lovely creature with its brilliant, vibrant plumage."

Kendall sighs, clearly not in the mood for sparring, playful or otherwise. "What missteps were you punished for so severely by the Queen of Amber, Margot?" he asks, as though backing up to a point of familiarity before going forward.

"Speaking with the healer about the toxins you had informed me about, falling in love with you, exploring the library and demanding more information about this mysterious place called Chaos," she answers simply. "The innocence of my curiosity and quest for knowledge and understanding had resulted in … actions unanticipated." The bitterness of betrayal vibrates in her voice, of having the rules changed beneath her feet before she had a chance to understand them in the first place.

Her gaze returns to Dara, drawing her into the conversation. "What I am interested in are basic social interactions. What is appropriate to say to whom and when? How should a Lord and Lady be addressed? Are there different ways of addressing the Head of a House? Is there a difference in how I address Kendall's parents versus his siblings versus people who do not belong to House Chanicut?"

Margot turns her eyes to Kendall. "You have told me that Amber is little more than a hamlet barely beneath notice when it comes to the vastness of Chanicut and other Houses. Does this mean that from a social perspective, I possess no rank and am virtually a commoner? Does being fostered by House Chanicut offer any innate strength to my social placement?"

A weary smile forms. "Dara tells me I simply need to be myself and none will blink an eye. So, a loving, compassionate, soft-hearted Princess would be well received? Would it not be better to keep such traits secured within and not displayed upon my sleeve? What about my desires for honesty and trust and my utter lack of experience with the political machine? Do these traits not make me a detriment or threat rather than an asset? And if so, what must be done to reduce if not eliminate some of my more overt tendencies — outwardly — so as not to be seen as an easy target? Or will such traits be desirable in the grand scheme of moving toward a political advantage? Which Houses are allies and which are enemies and how easily do those bonds weaken and break? What will be expected of me as a representative of Amber and potentially House Bariman, or as a fostered young woman associated with House Chanicut? If service is required for House Chanicut's generosity, what will that entail?"

Noticing her Mistress's mood, the Hendrake Maiden looks to Lord Kendall, hoping the lad didn't screw this up too.

"I have already addressed the last question," Kendall replies, his expression inscrutable once more. "Simply: I do not know, nor does the Lady Dara. Not exactly. It could be a vow or promise, information, blood, power, a time of service to my House, or even a child — one that would not be yours, but wholly Chanicut. Such arrangements will need to be made directly, and will depend on a great many things. One way to prepare for this could be to think on what exactly you want from the arrangement so tis clear in your mind, and also what you may have to offer a Great House of Chaos. The Lady Dara may be of assistance in that regard. Knowing what you can bring to a bargain is never a bad thing, and even a mere pretty ornament can be of great interest to some."

He walks over to the sideboard where wine and goblets waited, as always, and pours a glass as he continues his answer, not offering any to the others present.

"As for the rest, those are a great many questions. For some, I can offer a suggestion. Unless you wish to sit with Rory for Turns on end and have him enumerate all the possible answers to all your questions — knowledge which, without practical application, will be as weightless in your memory as down feathers — the Lady Dara and I can make effort to prepare you specifically for each event or situation as it arises. Thus, prior to meeting my parents, we will discuss how best to approach them, and prior to a party or gathering, we will discuss who you will probably meet and what activities will likely occur. This approach may break your questions down into… manageable portions."

"As you encounter more situations and gain experience, I hope you will have less need of coaching and preparation," he adds as he swirls the wine in his cup to let it breathe. "But no matter the situation, when approaching an unknown, tis always safest to act with civility, politeness, formality, and caution. Though… being safe is not always the wisest course." A gleam of humor brings that familiar half-smile to his lips before he takes a sip.

Margot tries to maintain her composure; a difficult feat given how miserable she was feeling. "Preparing for specific events prior to their occurring feels like… cramming for an examination rather than practicing until it becomes rote and natural. I don't want to appear stilted and ill at ease and obviously drilled for experiences."

She glanced between the pair. "I understand this may be a ridiculous waste of energy being concerned about such things, but you both grew up in the Courts and everything is for you second nature. I didn't even grow up in Amber." She makes an exasperated noise. "I have perhaps a month of royal protocols in my experience and most of those were limited to servants. I feel tremendous pressure about how I may be judged and the more I understand, the less likely I am to cause insult—at least, unintended insult."

She was now shaking, a chill coming on as her malaise continued to plague her. "If you believe Rory would be willing to be a tutor to all things historical, cultural and traditional; then yes, I would appreciate his service and companionship."

Kendall takes another drink of his wine, thinking on her words before venturing an elaboration. "Tis a simple matter to make Rory available for such a service, but bear this in mind, Margot. There are 1000 Houses in Chaos, Great and Minor. Short of spending the next 100 Cycles or more closeted away with servants and tutors, tis unlikely you will learn everything you appear to believe you need to know. I can answer your question much more simply: Barimen was, or is, a Great House of Chaos. You must simply know that you are exactly who you are, that your place is where you choose to put yourself, and that you are at least the equal of all whom you meet."

He pauses for a short, wry snort of amusement. "And remember, you will make mistakes. Some will be minor, easily recovered from. Some will be pits that will take Cycles and great resources to dig yourself from. But you will make them, just as we all did."

Margot stares into the crimson depths of her own wineglass for some form of divination. Neither the Unicorn nor the Serpent felt generous with their advice it seemed. "I do not expect to learn everything; I cannot even fathom 100 cycles to be honest," she confesses, knowing somewhere deep down that she would easily live that long, and yet her life in shadow told her that many people died well before they reached their 60th year. "I also know I will make mistakes and that I will have to live with them and the consequences. But… to enter into the darkness without a candle seems foolish and dangerous."

She breathes heavily, moving to sit upon the bed. "And this be who you are and that will be House Barimen thing. I am no Hellmaiden, no politician. I have a gentle heart and I feel and see promise and hope. I highly doubt that these are the same things my beloved uncle believes. Which one of us defines House Barimen if we both exist in Chaos and he is as different from me as night is to day? He is far more cunning and his experience in Chaos is far greater. Does that not grant him the honor and power of House Barimen?"

"Prince Brand would never settle for a mere House," Dara interjects. "His goal would always be the throne even if tis weaker than he believes. Being the head of any House is not truly about self, and that is why Brand would fail. He could never get beyond his own needs, his own dark desires, and that is why you need to become the first Lady of Barimen. Because even if you do your worst, tis far better than he will do."

Kendall looks at Dara for a heartbeat, and then nods. "Agreed," he says. "He is without discipline or duty."

Giving his attention back to Margot, he adds, "Night and day are Amber concepts, Margot. In Chaos, there is but one sky with many different parts that form a comprehensive whole. So, too, are the Houses." His tone is not dismissive so much as definitive.

He finds his way to the chair behind the desk and takes a seat as well. "We cede power and authority by choice — because of respect, because we recognize a better player, or due to some other motivation. If you desire to become the Lady of House Barimen, then no, Brand's cunning and experience do not grant him the honor and power of House Barimen. Why? Because you do not grant him such. Even if he declares himself the Head of House Barimen, tis up to you whether you will accept that. But do not allow yourself to be distracted by Brand, Margot. Focus on your own goals according to your heart, not according to what your Uncle may or may not do."

He pauses another heartbeat before adding, "You know what you want, at least in part. I suspect that is what feeds your dread regarding a meeting with my family. But you already know how to act, as you did when you met my mother for the first time. What other questions on that topic can I address?"

Margot listened quietly, trying to wrap her existence around the fluidity of the place she is traveling toward. Some of the weight vanished from her shoulders; both when they encouraged her to claim the House and when Kendall reassured her that she knew how to behave…. even if it did seem childish.

"I do have questions," she admits with a weak smile. "But perhaps they are putting the cart before the horse. It seems my regimented ways will need to be less… rigid." Kendall knew more than Dara that Margot's heart was free and that inspiration for adventure or exploration was never more than a heartbeat away. But, she wanted to be prepared. She wanted people to see that she truly cared about the impact she made and that she at the very least familiarized herself with the natures of things.

"I have been studying the language. I would like more practice with it," she adds slowly, but firmly. "If for no other reason than to follow conversations buzzing around me. How long before we reach our destination?"

"You already know the language, Margot," Kendall says, expression puzzled. "The King's Tongue, or Thari as those in Amber call it — the language we speak here — will suffice in most situations. Every House has its own languages, some of which are secrets dearly held close to the heart. Among the demons, there are several languages, and among those who serve the Houses, many more. The language I would teach you is a language of lovers, not a language of politics and social maneuvering."

His head turns a little to the side, eyes narrowing in consideration. "Ask your questions of my family, Margot," he invites her once more.

Dara bows to her Lady, then steps out from the room out of respect for Chanicut and its members.

Margot acknowledges Dara's departure, already turning crimson. "Oh," she says with a miserable look of embarrassment. "It's things like that, I suppose, that I should know." Huffing her emotions out, she stood and approached the wine. "Your father, what is he like? Or your brother? Dara tells me that to claim what I desire, I must win over your sister and your mother, but I did not succeed with a winning first impression with the Lady Diona."

Kendall sips from his goblet with an expression of dark thought. "My father… is hard," he says at last, looking inward rather than at Margot. "He has the whole of Chanicut to watch over, and he does what he must to ensure our advancement. I do not have his favor, so association with me will not give you any advantage with him, and indeed could prove a detriment. You will need to establish yourself apart from the flaws he sees in me — my unwillingness to apply myself to duty, my enjoyment of shallow entertainments, my… soft heart. He is unlikely to dismiss you out of hand, however, until he has learned what use you might be to the House. Cool-headedness in bargaining will stand you in good stead."

"My brother… is cruel, but very effective in all that he does," he continues with a chilly matter-of-factness. "He does rely more on force than finesse, however. You must stand strong and undaunted against him. Reveal weakness only as a strategy of strength."

"My mother—" Kendall sips his wine, still looking into the past. "She is stern, and precise. Should you prove your merits, she can help mold you into a force that can withstand anything with your heart intact. Flexibility is what she seeks, to find the chink in the armor, and the crack in the wall. I believe you presented yourself well to her in the Hall of Mirrors. It matters not at all what you feel or think inwardly, but only what you project to those around you."

"It does not sound like I will be of much interest to your father at all. If he will not tolerate your compassion, then I will be unbearable." There was a tone of observation rather than dread in her voice.

"As for your brother," she hesitates. "Well, I doubt I've met another as you have described; but I easily rejected Corwin's charms and have had my share of … challenges with family members that were … undeterred from their desires. If he frightens me, he will not see it. At least, not directly." A rueful smile tugged at the corner of her mouth. "I would be foolish to assume that he or any of your family didn't have eyes and ears everywhere."

Margot turns her eyes to Kendall. "I will be strong. I will not revisit my experience with your sister unless she chooses to discuss the matter further… or take action. The rest… I can only be who I am and hope that…" Something akin to a soft chuckle broke the sentence before she finishes. "That my intoxicating charm and the youthful wonder with which I see the realm with be delightfully enchanting."

The Chaos Lord is quiet for a long space before releasing a long breath. He drains his goblet, and returns to the here and now. "I am the one presenting you to my parents, Margot," he reminds her, meeting her eyes. "It will be my task to bring your merits to the fore. Your assistance will be appreciated and of great value, of course; I would prefer not to be tasked with convincing my father to take on a drooling idiot. Strength is a good start, but resilience is what you will need more than anything else in Chaos. Like me, like the Lady Dara, my father — everyone — you will need to find your own voice and your own motive for climbing to your feet after you've been knocked down."

His words stung. "Clearly my attempt at humor failed," she returns, her voice turning neutral in effort to hide her hurt. "I have no intention of presenting myself as a drooling idiot. My only intention is to do the very best that I am able. It's very frustrating for me — as I am certain it is for you — to sit at this end, unaware of what is before me. Advisement to 'be myself' is what I received in Amber and it did not serve me. I apologize if my attempts to use this idle time as a way to prepare myself bothers everyone. It's important, or so I've been lead to believe, to have an understanding of the 'lay of the land' before you step upon it. It seems that the only thing I can rely upon is that everything is in flux and the exceptions are easier to rely upon than the standard."

Margot's voice remains strangely calm through her tirade, as if she were discussing the weather or some other insignificant, mundane event. "My desire was only to alleviate some of your burden when presenting me to your family or anyone else."

He stares at her for a time. "How did being yourself not serve you?" he asks at last. His voice remains calm and even, but there is a heaviness to the tone that she has heard before, that speaks of dark mood and thoughts brought on by dark memories. "Yes, you have said you were punished for exploring and searching, but to what great effect? You are standing here on a ship to Chaos, hale and whole, with the one whom you had been forbidden to see. Being yourself led you to this place and this time. Is that not something to appreciate and relish? You rail against exceptions and peculiarities, and yet that we are even speaking to each other, sharing a bed, is the result of a peculiarity, an exception, and overriding circumstances."

Margot sighs, moving to stand in front of him. "I do not want to argue with you, My Heart," she says as she reaches up to stroke his cheek. She wished the simple caress would remove the darkness in his eyes. "I have little experience and am feeling … overwhelmed with my mind creating shadows that I cannot dispel. I simply want to … " she trails off, unable to form the words, though worry radiates from her.

Kendall stands and lays one hand on her shoulder, pushing a stray lock of her hair aside with the fingers of his other. "If there were books that could tell you what you need to know, I would give them to you," he answers. "If I knew the answers that you are seeking, I would share them. But we appear to be at cross purposes. I can only conclude that the Lady Dara and I have not the perspective you are seeking. We are insiders, as you well know. From the time I was born, I have absorbed the ethos of my House and of the Courts, and was set on my own path when I was but eight Cycles. All the knowledge I have is… encoded with my own understanding, Margot, and it would appear we will not be able to easily decode it for your application. But I can tell you this—"

He moves his other hand so both rest on her shoulders and he can look down into her face with a somber expression. "The one true rule of the Courts is Duty. We are all expected to do as we are told. We do our duty for love of our Houses, for love of our betters, for fear of enemies and competitors, to advance personal ambition. Ponder duty, Margot, for once you understand that in all its complexity and myriad permutations, understanding of Chaos will lay at your feet."

Margot nods, a somber expression matching his. Words could not express all the anxiety and apprehension and uselessness she was feeling at the moment. With each moment, they drew nearer and she was certain she would find introductions to those of House Chanicut well before Kendall believed she would be ready. Fate always had a way of fiddling with the best laid plans. If he had asked her to prioritize her duties, she was certain her young heart would answer incorrectly, no matter how truthful the sentiment may be.

So, rather than attempt to explain further, she steps into his arms and rests her head upon his chest while her arms snake around his back to hold him close. Her only hope is that he could not feel the trembling sensation she felt inside, the emotional energy that had no productive focus to expend itself on.

"Good," he says at her nod, putting arms about her when she embraces him and laying his cheek against her hair. "Did the Hendrake have opportunity to talk to you about assisting with passage through the Sargasso Sea?"

"Not specifically," she answers, turning her head upward.

"What did the two of you discuss about your use of the Pattern?"

"Only that it is an extension of my will. The topic quickly turned to my questions and I'm afraid I derailed anything she was sent to communicate."

"As long as you know what I would like for you to do, what you and your lady discuss is between the the two of you," Kendall says. He releases her and takes a step back so they can look at each other more easily again. He picks up his nearly empty wine goblet.

"What is it that you desire?" Margot asks, watching him carefully.

He takes a drink while he ponders her question, his dark mood lifting as his mind turns to other things. "The Sargasso Sea is a trap of stillness. By using Pattern, you should be able to exert your will over the Shadows and take us to a place of movement, where tides and winds will again aid us on our journey."

"When will you require me?" she asks, moving to one of the chests to select something more appropriate than the gossamer robe she wore.

He sets his empty glass down before he can start fiddling with it, folding his arms and tucking his hands into the sleeves of his robe instead. "We have been moving away from the Black Road for some time now, so as soon as you are well enough to manipulate the energies of the Pattern, that is when we shall begin. You have a book from your mother with information about how to use the Pattern, have you not? Perhaps you would care to review that in the meantime?"

A wry smile curls the corners of her mouth. "I have looked at the book, yes. A description of where you wish to be would be helpful…. as detailed as possible. Including the relation with how far it is from our final destination."

He thinks hard on her words, turning to pace around the room as he pondered something completely alien to him. "You must take us away from Amber, away from the place of the Pattern," he begins at last, speaking slowly as he feels out his answer.

"I have no point of reference to aid you, to explain how this will manifest," he continues. "But my thought is that the Pattern's natural inclination will be to move towards its influence, rather than towards the energy of Chaos. You may move us to a Shadow that is very near to here, but away from the stillness of the Sargasso Sea. Chaos is a place of movement, of change."

"Not exactly 40 miles East of here," she muses, still living in the land of structure.

"Distances are fluid in Shadow," he agrees.

Taking a deep breath, she nods with determination. "Give me but a moment to change, and I will go with you. I would like to stretch my legs and the sooner we move through this challenge, the closer we will be home and in safe waters."

He pours himself more wine, to while away the wait. "Shall I send for your maid?"

"If you are not so inclined to assist, then yes, that would be acceptable. Or send Dara in. But I shan't be but a moment."

He blinks in surprise at her answer. Assist her to dress? He had done so before, of course, but that had been during the intimate time after lovemaking, not just any old time. He watches her, trying to decide how to reply as she gets herself organized. If better help was needed, he eventually reasons, Dara was probably near, and of course his own servant was always quick to respond to summons. So… he waits, sitting down at the desk again.

"We shall see what all is required, and whether there will be a price for such assistance," he replies, with that bland little smile that spoke of teasing.

Margot rifles through her trunk and withdraws a velvet gown the color of rich amethyst with a broad, scooped neck and matching satin trim to catch the light. Satin buttons, also deep purple to blend in with the rest of the gown, sealed the gown from middle of shoulder blade to the very small of the back.

"Payment?" she returns with an innocent tone. With her back to him, she slips the robe from her shoulders to pool at her feet. She picks up the gown and holds it in front of her as she turns. Clutching the sumptuous fabric to her breast, she walks slowly toward him. "What sort of price would be required?"

One eyebrow quirks as he sips from his cup. "That depends on the service provided," he answers. He makes a sort of encouraging gesture with his other hand, a sort of spinning motion, like wheels turning.

Margot complies, twirling painfully slow in a full circle before addressing him once more. "My gown only needs deft fingers to assist with the buttons."

"Then you had best don it rather than simply holding it," he suggests with a smile, since his gesture hadn't worked and had only confused her.

She smiles her defeat, turning her back to him and beginning to dress. Kendall waits while she pulls on under things and then gown before setting aside his glass to begin buttoning her up with quick fingers.

"If you are able to accomplish Shadow walking, tis possible you would be able to assist us with traveling to our destination in the Black Zone," he comments.

"I understand it, in theory," she says, her voice revealing her uncertainty. "I was about to attempt it when the crystals went live when we were dining with the Countess, but Dara prevented me from doing so."

Her hands stroke the fabric, as one would a favored Qur. "It did not seem difficult; quite natural, in fact. I just envisioned where I wished to be and what I wished to take with me. In that instance, the crystals."

"Good," he says as he pushes aside some of her wild hair so he can fasten the last few buttons.

"And you wish for me to do the same thing to move us out of this stagnate sea?" she asks.

"Us, the ship and contents, yes," he agrees. "First, it would probably be easiest simply to move out of this shadow. Just… go away from the influence of the Pattern, toward the energy of Chaos. Once we escaped the Sargasso Sea, then we will discuss our destination with more specificity." Finished with the buttons, he leans back in his chair again.

Margot thinks upon the request. Truth be told, it sounded more than a little daunting to her. The crystals weighed nearly nothing at all, but the ship and crew were much, much larger. But, she reasons, Kendall would not suggest it were it not the only option available. She turns to face him, staring down at his eyes. "I will do my best," she vows.

He nods, serious. "I know you will," he agrees. "I don't wish to make it difficult or complicated for you, Margot."

"This will cause you and the others harm, will it not?" she asks, a frown furrowing her brow.

He tilts his head to look up into the distance in thought. "It will not be comfortable. I cannot say whether it will cause harm," he says after a bit, and his gaze returns to look into her eyes again. "Mayhap similar to the discomfort you have been feeling while traveling on the Black Reef."

"Please, then express my apologies and displeasure with being the cause of suffering to Rhercyn. I will try to make it as quick as possible." She was trying to sound confident, soothing almost, but her nervousness is still obvious. Not only is she not confident about the Pattern, but she did not like to cause harm to others.

Her eyes fall to stare at his hands. "And may I have something of yours to hold on to while we journey through Shadow?" she asks, her voice barely audible. "I know that holding your hand will not be possible, but I'd like your scent and warmth nearby."

He nods and reaches into a pocket to produce a silky black kerchief. "Is this what you had in mind?"

She smiles, her fingers wrapping around the silk. "Yes, this will do nicely. Thank you."

"You are welcome, and if you are ready…" he leaves the question hanging while he stands, ready to lead her onward.

Margot nods, wrapping her arm around his and holding him close. Her outward vision is one of calm, not unlike the stillness that engulfed the Rhercyn, but her fingers against his arm tremble as Kendall leads her out of the cabin.

In the corridor, Dara awaits with a book under one arm, some tiny brown lizards hissing at her from their perches in the ceiling. Even these small creatures recognized her as a dangerous predator. Once Kendall steps into the corridor, though, the lizards return to their duties of pruning the vines and flowers. The last, the largest of them, gives a final warning hiss before returning to her own task of watching over her brood.

Margot's complexion had improved as her nausea receded. Distance from the Black Road suited her. She clutches the Lord's kerchief in one hand, and the other wrap tightly around his bicep. "I am ready to assist the Rhercyn through these stagnate waters," she tells her Lady.

"We will begin first with simply shifting shadow away from the Sargasso Sea," Kendall reiterates for both their benefits. "Once you have demonstrated your mastery, we shall be more specific about the Shadow where you should take us."

"Do we need to be in a particular part of the ship? What would bring the least discomfort to Her?" Margot asked Kendall.

"The widest possible view would be best, even if she does overtax herself because it," Dara comments. "And breaks will be needed, in relation to distance traveled. We could measure it by the Black Road, since even here we can still feel its pull."

"There is an observatory deck atop the Rhercyn. We broke surface 500 heartbeats ago, so will go there," Kendall answers. "You may find being outside beneficial, both with using the Pattern, as well as your health."

Margot nods and allows Kendall to lead her through the corridors. So much had changed since she had last left the protection and comforts of their cabin that she could not help but stare in wonder. The ship before had displayed a sort of wild randomness, as evidenced by untidy flowering vines crawling along the corridor walls in unpredictable clumps, uneven lighting, and the competing creature sounds of buzzing, clicking, and chirping. But now, like the difference between a meadow scattered with wildflowers and a tidy cultivated flower garden, the Rhercyn showed evidence of the ordered and organized mind of her new master.

Flowers still bloom in bursts of color, but now grouped with feathery grasslike plants and thorny brambles in regularly spaced arrangements. Vines still crawled the corridor, but reserved their blooms to surround the portals between rooms and corridors. Glowing insects made home in crevices of luminescent moss that bathed the halls of the underwater ship with a steady glow, making it easy to walk the corridors with sure footing. Even the chirping, buzzing, and squeaking of the insect denizens are somehow more harmonious as they sing together of their lives and tasks.

Margot walks in awed silence, taking in the transformation and transcendent beauty that surrounded them. Gingerly, the princess runs her fingers along the walls, feeling the life throbbing within even more vibrant then any tree she's ever touched. But though her attention may seem lost to her surroundings, in truth she was focusing her mind and thoughts for the enormously singular task that awaited her: to consciously use the Pattern for the first time in her life. To walk in Shadow of her own volition.

So enormous is the prospect that the walk to the portal leading on deck was simply not long enough to encompass it. Before she can barely wrap her mind around what would happen next, they reach a doorway which opens to reveal a blinding white light.

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