The Ball: Dance with a Princess

Later in the dance, Kendall approaches the petite, red-haired beauty who had graced the Royal Table at dinner, greeting her with a bow. "Fair Turning, m'lady. Might you honor me with a dance?"

Fi looks up from her drink, her green eyes chilly. "Fair Turning… Lord Kendallarithan." She hands her glass to one of her handmaidens nearby and then accepts his outstretched hand. "Yes, I will."

Kendall leads her onto the dance floor and into the commencing waltz. "You are the Princess Fiona, correct? Tis a pleasure to meet you."

She smiles at that. "And if I say no…. would you still dance with me?"

Kendall nods. "Indeed I would, with a lady as fair as thee. I would simply like to make sure I am speaking to whom I believe I am speaking," he adds, bowing to her curtsy as the dance begins.

"So you have something to say to this Fiona that no other should hear?" she asks with an amused tone. "Secrets and such?"

"Not as such," he answers gravely. "I am, however, struck by your resemblance to someone I saw some Cycles ago in Thelbane. Perhaps the blood of your kin runs more strongly in Chaos than many expect," he adds.

"Best say that softly, Lord Kendall," she answers. "More than a few here would challenge you to a duel for an insult like that."

Kendall considers her reply for a moment. "Curious," he says at last. She moves away in the steps of the dance, and then back. "May I ask a question about the origins of Amber?" he asks then.

"Yes, you may ask," she says. "But I reserve the right not to answer, too."

"Of course," Kendall agrees easily. He pauses for two heartbeats, framing his question. Then, rather more quietly than before, he asks, "Why is it that Amber was formed?"

"Why was Chaos formed?" she answers. "Because both places where fated to be."

Kendall looks puzzled. "Both places were fated to be?" he repeats. "Fate can be a very simple concept on which to lay blame. Yet Amber came from the Courts. Is it known why this place was made?"

She raises a eyebrow at that, before saying, "We both have some very nice and entertaining stories that we could tell each other about our homes, those stories that our parents tell us when we are little, about how everything came about. But those fanciful tales can not stand the harsh glare of the truth. Amber is not, nor ever has been a part of Chaos. While some of its inhabitants can claim blood ties to Chaos, I doubt many would."

Kendall quirks an eyebrow right back at her. "I did not say that Amber was ever a part of Chaos," he objects politely. "I said that Amber came from the Courts. But perhaps you may be able to help me to understand why both places were fated to be."

"And I'm trying to say, Amber is only an idea," she answers. "It is a place the Unicorn decided was home for her children. It no more came from Chaos than… than the gift of love." The red-haired beauty smiles at that. "Amber is our home, our Eden. At times, we do her great harm… yet we still love her with all our hearts."

Fiona looks deeply into Kendall's eyes. "We came from Chaos long ago… so long ago, I doubt it really matters anymore."

Kendall thinks about her answer, meeting her gaze without batting an eyelash. "Why would one wish to leave Chaos for here, though?" he asks. "Were not the Courts the home previously? Even if not for the current generation, but for the one prior. Have you any knowledge of this?"

"All good questions…" she says with a smile that would do a cat proud. "But all with somewhat elusive asnwers."

"Should one be so inclined," he replies, "where might one begin to pursue these answers, would you suppose?"

"To those questions? Hmm…" she answers. "That's a very interesting question in itself." Pausing to enjoy the dance just for a moment before adding. "But asking those questions, may get one killed."

Kendall smiles at her, perhaps truly amused. "Such could be said about many things in the Courts, m'lady," he answers. He leads her through a few intricate steps before politely venturing, "My duty to my House is to learn as much as I may about Amber and her people. I ask your pardon if I have offended."

"Then seek not your answers in the past, but the future," Fiona answers, with a lazy smile.

"The future rushes towards us whether we look to it or not," Kendall answers. "What do you anticipate for the future of Amber and Chanicut?" he inquires.

"That is for the King to decide," she says. "What of you?"

"Chanicut hopes for peaceful and cooperative relations between our two Houses," Kendall replies. "That is why I am here to learn more of Amber."

She smiles at that, focusing on the dance for a minute before answering. "As we wish to learn from you about House Chanicut. As we wish the same from all the Houses that await on our doorstep," she adds.

"Once those in Amber learn more of Chanicut, they will find the last statement to be inaccurate," Kendall asserts calmly and with absolute conviction.

"So, you believe that House Chanicut should be the one that we back in your civil war," she says as the music begins to wind to a close. "It is a possibility, for you were honored with being the first House to visit us… Unless another of the Great Houses can make a better offer in the coming days."

Kendall leads her near the edge of the dancefloor as the music, and bends in a sweeping bow to her, kissing her hand. "Most certainly that is part of the process," he answers her as he straightens. "However, Chanicut has much to offer. Thank you for the dance and conversation."

Fiona nods. "And to you, young Lord."

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