Duchess Helena Shevala

Status: Inactive

Game: Shadow Wars, online 3rd generation Amber/Star Wars crossover, set 1000 years after Patternfall. GMed by Harleqwn.

Occupation: Duchess, Head of House Shevala of Rebma. Formerly a writer for Focus Magazine.

Parentage: Darian, Rebma Minister of Agriculture. Mother unknown.

Known Relationships: Helena is friends with Jedi Knight Aidan, is friendly with Octavian of Aerth, and is cordial with Prince Kalen of Amber and Lysalas of Rebma. She also appears on good terms with various elites, such as King Rinaldo and Queen Coral of Kashfa and Begma. Though relations with Princess Amorrean of Rebma got off to a rocky start, their relationship appears to be improving. Rumors have recently run rampant about a possible love affair with writer Johann Bek.

Trump Description: There are no known Trumps of Helena.

General Personality: Helena is gracious, polite, and friendly, with an easy laugh. Like most Rebmans, she is not physically demonstrative, and her need for personal space can sometimes seem standoffish. She is possessed of insatiable curiosity and a need to know. She recently became aware of a sense of higher purpose, and is dedicated to doing the best for what she cares about.

Haunts: Helena had a private flat in Amber City up until she was declared a traitor to the Republic. Her assets and belongings in Amber have been frozen or confiscated. However, she inherited domiciles in both Rebma and New Rebma upon being declared Head of House Shevala.

Physical Description: Helena is 5'10" and slender. She has violet hair with lavender highlights, a pale ivory complexion, striking blue eyes. She is always dressed in style appropriate to the occasion and setting, and does not appear to have any favored colors.

Pets/Familiars: None.

Casting: Julianne Moore.

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