Idania Vanora of Begma

Status: Inactive.

Game: Primal Web, online Amber 3rd Generation game. GMed by Harleqwn.

Occupation: Unseelie Ambassador to the Seelie Court, Queen of combined Seelie and Unseelie Courts at game end

Parentage: Baroness Mirina Vanora of Begma, King Dalt of Begma

Known Relationships: Idania did not foster close relations with others, but appeared to have fondness for her father, King Dalt, as well as King Rinaldo of Kashfa. As Queen of the Seelie, she entered into a political marriage with Prince Demedi of Amber

Trump Description: Sitting on the gold-encrusted Throne of Amber beneath the Unicorn banner, legs crossed demurely at the ankles, is a young woman with pale skin, long and wavy golden-blond hair streaked with brown, deep brown eyes, and a knowing smirk. She is dressed in a calf-length skirt and long-sleeved tunic with a high neck, all of deep crimson. A narrow golden chain can be seen around her waist, and she is wearing several thin gold necklaces and bracelets on both wrists. A tall staff of plain wood leans casually against the left arm of the Throne, within easy reach.

General Personality: Idania is typically cold and interested far more in personal gain than personal relationships. She views people as ways to get things, rather than ends in themselves.


Physical Description:

Pets/Familiars: None.


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