Jyl Satbir

Status: Inactive.

Game: Dragonfly, face-to-face Star Wars/Firefly universe crossover using a homebrew system, set just after the Clone Wars. GMed by Harleqwn.

Occupation: Security and Weapons Specialist.

Known Relationships: Jyl is currently associated with the group of misfits that crew the Tau Emerald, with Captain Slavin. She also appears to know people from the Galactic Empire, previously the Galactic Republic.

General Personality: Jyl is honorable, formal, and serious. She takes debts seriously, and generally wants to do the right thing. She loves to cook, and has an abundance of recipes and general cooking knowledge from extensive travels throughout the galaxy, and appears to enjoy being in the kitchen. She also likes to shoot things. A lot.

Haunts: Jyl lives on the Tau Emerald.

Physical Description: 5'7" with blond hair and grey eyes, well muscled and clearly capable of physical feats. She typically wears functional jumpsuits of grey or black, and is rarely - if ever - unarmed.

Pets/Familiars: None.

Casting: Uma Thurman.

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