Lord Kendallarithan of House Chanicut

List of Kendall's game threads.


Status: Inactive.

Game: Best Intentions, online Alternate Amber 3rd Generation game, set roughly during the Black Road War. GMed by Amberpup.

Occupation: Lord of Protocol and Minister of Friendship to the Court of Amber from House Chanicut of Chaos at character creation. King of Chaos at game end.

Parentage: Duke Ulrich and Lady Grania of House Chanicut.

Known Relationships: Ambassador Brisbane of Chanicut, who is Kendall's superior while in Amber. He is known to be friendly with Princesses Briar and Margot, and cordial with Lady Moon and Lady Esther.

General Personality: Kendall is proper and polite at all times, ever mindful of his status as a guest to the Court of Amber and his diplomatic role. Strong displays of emotion are not encouraged in his home, so his interactions are characterized by restraint and distance. He has a great appreciation for irony.

Haunts: In Amber, Kendall can most often be found in the tower given to the Chanicut delegation during their stay, called Maeve's Vigil. He can also be found in meetings with various nobles, and visiting Court.

Physical Description: Kendall is 6'0" and lean, with black hair and bright blue eyes. In Amber, he always wears clothing to identify his affiliation with and role in his House, typically green and black velvet with gold embroidery. When out of uniform, he often wears blue. He carries a small stiletto in a sheath on his right wrist.

Pets/Familiars: None.

Casting: Some random guy from the internet

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