List of Latimer's game threads


Status: Inactive.

Game: Of Virtue and Vengeance, online Alternate Amber Elders game. GMed by Yorlum.

Occupation: Archdeacon of Amber, Priest of the Unicorn.

Parentage: King Oberon and Queen Leona of Amber.

Known Relationships: Latimer was devoted to his mother, and was devastated by her death. While friendly with many of his other half-siblings, he periodically has trouble relating to them. He is closest by far to his younger full sister, Lyonene. His relationship with Oberon is distant, and Latimer is as likely to refer to him as King Oberon as Father.

General Personality: Friendly and cheerful, Latimer is fairly relaxed about most things to a point. Beyond that point, however, he is almost impossible to move. He is at heart a teacher and healer, and finds great fulfillment in his calling to serve and guide people along the path of Order.

Haunts: Latimer has an official office in the castle, where he conducts the day-to-day business of Archdeacon. He also spends time in the city, particularly at the orphanage he helped establish. He has traveled throughout the nearby Shadows and has been many places, and is most at home in the nearest Church of the Unicorn.

Physical Description: 5'11" and muscular, Latimer has black hair that he wears long, most often pulled into a tail. He almost exclusively wears the green robes of his calling as a Priest, but in those rare instances when he allows himself to be off duty, he seems to prefer to wear blue. He does not typically wear a sword, except when doing duty as a Prince. The only jewelry he habitually wears is a heavy gold ring, symbol of his position in the Church, which he never removes.

Pets/Familiars: None.

Casting: Joaquin Phoenix.

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