Status: Inactive.

Game: Portraits of the Past, online Amber 3rd Generation game, set shortly after Patternfall. GMed by Ray.

Occupation: Contract Killer.

Parentage: Prince Brand and Queen Vialle of Amber.

Known Relationships: Lladd is generally friendly and willing to talk to anyone. He was introduced to Amber as Prince Caine's Ward, and recently learned the identity of his mother, Vialle, who is now Queen of Amber. He has a half-sister on his father's side, Onyx, and is also quite friendly with several of the castle servants.

General Personality: Friendly, social, and cheerful, but with a quiet and introspective side.

Haunts: Lladd grew up on a shadow called Imrhis. He has rooms in Amber Castle, but goes wherever he is needed.

Physical Description: Lladdwyr is 5'7", sinewy and slight, with the build of an acrobat or a dancer, not a fighter. His eyes are green beneath dark brows, and his hair is long and dark brown, typically trailing down his back in a ponytail or braid. He dresses normally in shades of brown and cream, or white, and his approach is always heralded by the faint ringing from the tangle of silver and beaded necklaces he wears.

Pets/Familiars: None.

Casting: Shahrukh Khan.

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