Meeting of the Amber Council of Elders... and a few others

“Whatever it is, it should be damned entertaining,” Jason puts in. “If you'll excuse me, I think I'll find a good place to sit.”

“As ya will it, Jason.” Duana grins. “I dunna think we'll be findin' much comfort to be had soon.” Jason nods to everyone in the room, then spots an open chair near the door and makes himself comfortable.

Not long after, Oberon enters the room, Dworkin and Morrigan with him, and then Latimer enters as well. Oberon looks about, seeing Admirals McBride and Collingwood, Chancellor Grimaldi, Marshall Sertious, Cochrane the Steward, Sir Benjamin, of the Foreign Ministry, and most of the Royal family. [All save Lucian, Valcon, Aston, and Mordaleah], as well as Morrigan Duana, and Jaxxon, among those of less standing.

Oberon waves at Lyonene's people to get out, and the staff departs hurriedly. With the look of a man who needs to go to the bathroom, but can't, Oberon surveys his High Council. Without pomp, he plunges in. “OK, People. We have a Royal Mess on our hands, and not much time to deal with it. Last night, one of my Hands came to the castle. He had come from Goa,” he adds.

Duana gives the Patriarch of the family a confused look and waits for him to finish his story. Javert raises an eyebrow curiously, but remains silent.

Morrigan glances at Macha, who is perched on Dworkin's shoulder, and then turns back to Oberon, looking decidedly grim. “How bad is it?”

Dworkin looks at her sharply. “Bad enough that we felt need to tell everyone. It’s ugly out there. We need answers and sooner rather than later. The attacks came from nowhere and without warning.”

“I understood the implication of the meeting, sir,” she replies politely. “What I would like to know though is it as bad as last time? Is there anything left in Goa?”

Duana looks away from Javert at the sound of Dworkin's voice. “Perhaps it would be best if we were havin' the whole o'the story, Grandfather?”

Latimer also looks mystified, nodding agreement.

“What is this about attacks?” Javert asks, “What exactly has happened, if I might inquire? Some of us are infinitely more ignorant than others.”

Dworkin allows the murmurs and comments to subside before drawing himself up, standing taller as he continues. “The attackers are not raiders — this is an invasion, of a well-prepared and well trained army. They have used sorcery and apparently had little difficulty adapting to the nature of Goa.”

He pauses briefly, licking his lips. “Based on what little we know the attackers entered the shadow easily under the cover of violent storms. The have subdued what little resistance could be mustered and have apparently blocked access into Goa.”

Jaxxon eyes Dworkin curiously, his eyes thoughtful. Magnan speaks up, the remnants of a sandwich on his lips. “Have any of the Golden Circle been attacked? “

Oberon shakes his head “No, as I said, this is beyond the rim. They may be moving towards us though. We have no way of telling.”

Morrigan looks up from her pondering. “Would a scouting mission be in order?”

Magnan intervenes. “May I remind you all that we have no treaty obligations to Goa? In point of fact, an Amberic presence there could be seen as a hostile act.”

Sertorius sighs at this. “I'd rather fight 'em on their turf than ours.”

Jeanine looks up from her papers. “Hold on. Nobody said anything about a mobilization. We don't have anything like the reserves in the treasury to support that.”

Oberon watches the ministers take off into one another. Jason smiles slightly, watching the spectacle and waiting patiently for more information to emerge.

Latimer sighs quietly to himself. “Morrigan,” he turns to her. “I'm afraid I'm out of my depth here, militarily speaking. But as someone who has already indicated knowledge of the previous incident in Goa, perhaps you could offer some insights into why Goa might be a target? It's somewhat out of the way, after all.”

Morrigan turns from watching the fracas. “Goa was where the Great Crusade started. The first place the Zealots attacked. After laying waste to that, they moved into the Deccan. It makes a good target because it is out of way and once taken can be used as a staging ground for a larger scale assault.”

The Champion turns to the bickering ministers and raises her voice to be heard. “Sending out a scouting party that consists of the Furies draws nothing from the Treasury. Additionally, it is not unheard of for us to go beyond the Rim in our training exercises so it does not necessarily draw notice. Sertorius is correct. It is better to fight them before they get here and to do that we need to know where they are.”

Magnan barks a laugh in response. “That is ridiculous. Are you going to dress your Furies up as a dancing troupe, then? Who in Amber and the realms beyond have NOT heard of your private army?”

Morrigan frowns at Magnan. “I am waiting for your better idea.”

Cochrane is sitting silently, watching the reactions of the others as the debate heats up. Oberon chuckles. “Fame does precede you, Morrigan.”

Collingwood ventures an opinion. “Perhaps you can mix in with a larger group, Lady Morrigan? Tourists to the Deccan or some such?”

Morrigan turns to answer the question of Collingwood's. “It would not be the first time.”

Sertorius raises his voice again, “Yes, we need intelligence and information…discreetly obtained.”

Morrigan shrugs. “Then do it yourself, Marshall. But I can assure you while the Ministers of Amber are arguing, the enemy moves.”

“My 'better idea' is to let all of those funny-talking monkeys keep banging each other on the heads with sticks to their hearts' content,” Magnan replies archly. “I repeat. It is not Our Affair. This path will only convince the Rim that we see ourselves as Masters of all shadow, and free to meddle wherever we so please,” he adds, in growing agitation.

Morrigan leans forward, hands flat on the table as she scowls at Magnan. “And when, Sir Benjamin, would it be ‘Our Affair?’ When they are decimating through the Rim or the Golden Circle? Or when they are knocking on the bloody front door?”

Jeanine looks over to Sir Benjamin, shakes her head very slightly, expressing her feelings, and then back to Oberon. “If the Chancery is not being asked to fund a mobilization, we support a 'fact-finding' mission, as outlined by our colleagues.”

Sertorius looks at Morrigan in confusion, “Perhaps you misunderstood, I was agreeing that your suggestion was wise and proper and accords with the Chancellor's desire not so spend monies from the treasury without due cause. I don't know how you perceive that is me wishing to undertake the mission myself. I think you and a few select others would be appropriate.”

Morrigan nods. “My apologies for the misunderstanding. Magnan over here had me seeing a fight where there was none.”

Sertorius nods in acknowledgment of the apology. “Of course… Magnan is of course merely voicing an opinion… the job of ministers is to present different views… both right and wrong,” he says with a slight smile.

Duana raises her hand from where she stands in the back of the room. “If'n y'all think it'd be wise, perhaps I could be goin' on that mission. I'm known ta travel all o'er the place an' I dunna think they'd be takin' me fer an invasion force.”

Jason smiles. “I think we're all known for traveling all o'er the place, as you say. The trick to this mission will be to not be recognized at all.” He glances at Morrigan, and addresses his next comment to her. “Just like we did it before.”

“Soldiers!” Magnan says, dismissively. “All you can think about is another chance to prove that you are mighty by hacking some poor soul to scallops with your supernatural swords and overtrained thews. For a change, why do you not consider what the Latverians say will think if they learn that Morrigan and her elite band of Amazonians are out practically on their borders?”

“Beggin' yer pardon, Magnan, but I ain't no soldier.” Duana shakes her head. “I canna be tellin' ya the number o'times Morrigan's bemoaned my lack o' dexterity with a blade. I'm a historian and a bard. I dunna fight the battles of Amber. I'm on good speakin' terms with most o'the Golden Circle Shadows.” She gestures at herself, all maybe five feet of her. “Ya think I look like I'd be posin' a threat ta anyone?”

Rowan is seated next to Javert on the opposite side of Duana. “I would be more than pleased to go on a scouting mission as well,” she says, with her grim smile and a half nod.

Jason frowns at Magnan. “Sir, your words are ill-considered. Sending a small group of operatives to examine the situation is a far cry from combat. We do it all the time.”

“You two are fine,” Cochrane opines. “Even Morrigan would be ok, as long as she didn't make a big production of it.”

Morrigan snorts.

Magan shakes his head. “You are all missing my point,” the pudgy diplomat protests. “Any sign of Amberic meddling in the internal affairs of outlands will have disastrous repercussions.”

Jaxxon speaks then into the brief silence, his deep cavernous bass rolling out of his chest, making him easily heard and noticed. “Then do not send anything out of Amber. The Eternal Kingdom has allies, and not all of them are in the Circle, or perceived as necessarily 'in Amberic pockets'.”

Magnan brightens at this, but there are others shaking heads. Oberon seems to ponder it, and then replies. “Not bad on the surface, but let's face it, anybody we send will either succeed or fail. If they succeed, then no sign of their presence will be noted. If they fail, whoever is behind these attacks will know that Amber is involved in the investigation. What we need is the best possible combination of stealth and efficiency.”

“Your concerns about the Latverians can be easily laid to rest,” Morrigan says irritably. “Ulric is just a call away, and I know he won't mind my presence near his borders.”

Rowan looks to Magnan. “It is possible to gather information without obvious Amberic meddling,” she comments somewhat condescendingly.

Morrigan cuts a sharp look at Macha, who looks as if it is paining her to continue to keep quiet. Oberon nods to Morrigan and Rowan, and turns to Magnan. “OK, Ben, you made your point, as usual. Now will you sit down, shut up and let the big people plan the mission?”

The fat diplomat takes a second to realize that his mouth is open, looks around, and does as told. Sertorius chuckles. “Now that That is settled… Maybe we could commandeer a ship and pack it with some of Morrigan's, er ladies, and some of the lads, and have a scenic tour of the Deccan.”

“How large of a tour group do we want?” Morrigan asks.

“I recommend as small a group as possible,” Jason says, from his position by the door. “Even a handful, disguised, would be appropriate. It would be the best way to recon the area unobtrusively and we can always trump in Furies and/or Dragons if we need to expand the operation.”

Having listened to everyone bickering back and forth, and with a sly grin on his face, Javert clears his throat loudly. When it is clear that at least a few people have looked his direction, he speaks.

“Does no one else of the family find it extraordinarily presumptuous to jump in to a situation we have little to no knowledge about, sending in the troops, if you will, at the slightest sign of trouble? It seems to me that this is what has become expected of us to do…and if Morrigan and a handful of our best warriors leave to investigate, who does that leave to help defend Amber herself if the threat is true, or if this is a ruse for something larger?”

Javert turns towards Dworkin and Oberon. “Goodly Sires, masters of our Line…while I respect the fact that you have more wisdom than anyone else in this room put together, I ask you this; would you be willing to jump to action if you were likewise presented with so little information? You obviously trust us at least enough to warn us of a threat…why not give us a little more information on just how threatening this big bad is? You appear to know much more than you have given…or so it has been implied.”

Javert pauses a moment before continuing. “I made mention earlier today to a few of my most respected siblings that I never bet on even a sure thing unless I rigged it myself. I am likewise hesitant to bet that this threat yet warrants our esteemed family's personal attentions…that is, unless you know something we don't. Even if it is worthy of investigation, has no one sources in shadow they can get them reliable information, before we send of our best and brightest in to the fold?”

With a sigh of irritation, Morrigan drops down into a chair. The meeting just got at least half an hour added to it by her calculations. Javert's eyes twinkle with mischievous glee as he gives her a knowing smile and a wink. He gets a frosty look for his troubles before she turns and looks expectantly at Dworkin and Oberon. Rowan winks at Javert as a sign of agreement.

Latimer speaks up quietly in an effort to derail the argument. “I also would support a small fact-finding mission. One that can move quickly and discreetly. I don't think we should jump too quickly to the conclusion that whomever attacked Goa is necessarily an enemy of Amber.” He glances at Jason, seeming about to say something, but then falls silent.

Dworkin looks at Latimer, “In this case I think that the assumption is warranted.” He falls silent clearly unwilling to elaborate.

Latimer gives him a moment or two to continue, then invites him to add to his statement. “And the reasons you believe so would be… what? With respect, sir,” he continues, including Oberon in his remarks, “it is difficult for the group you have gathered to make decisions about this issue if no one is willing to provide necessary information. Until given sufficient evidence, I for one am unwilling to assume that this group is necessarily an enemy of Amber intent on rampaging on our borders.”

Dworkin is silent for a moment and allows the silence to stretch a moment too long before he speaks, favoring Javert and a couple others who have spoken up with a frosty gaze, “You are here to learn, serve and obey…you forget your place. Last time I checked you were not here to *decide* anything as Amber is not a democracy, I had thought your Sire taught you better than that but perhaps you are as yet too green to be entrusted with such knowledge…if any one of you thinks you cannot do what is asked without faith in our knowing what must be done and told to you then I suggest you leave now. I will not suffer impudence from the likes of you.” His tone is of cold barely masked fury. Oberon's hand on his arm restrains him from going further.

Macha decides this is a good time to vacate Dworkin's shoulder and changes perches to the window sill from where she gives Javert an 'I guess he told you' look.

Rowan nods in silent acknowledgement, but Javert laughs openly.

“Stay your anger, dearest man,” Javert says, still chuckling, “I merely asked for justification for the cause; you have provided it. Though it be not the one I sought, and answer has been given.”

The chuckle over, his face becomes deadly serious. “And I assure you, I asked not in impudence. Of the many things my father has taught me, the one that sticks out the most is to question all you are told as if your life depends on it, because it often does. He did not raise me, at least, to be a following sheep…but to be the questioning wolf. If you do not respect that, then I ask your leave, and will depart.”

Morrigan rises silently and walks over to whisper in Dworkin's ear.

Rowan who has been writing furiously in her book she carried in glances at Javert and gives him a slight smile.

“My apologies,” Latimer answers Dworkin. “It would seem a meeting is unnecessary, then. I will be available for orders whenever they come down.” He stands and makes ready to depart.”

Dworkin turns from his impromptu sidebar with Morrigan and Oberon, “Then stay and hear what your orders are…unless of course you prefer to go to your room and indulge yourself in your petulance.”

“Please excuse my brother Latimer,” Javert says. “I believe that he, like others here, was under the obviously mistaken impression that this was to be a meeting that included conversation and discussion, not a military roll call and distribution of orders. Alas, such is the pity when communication fails.”

Oberon looks over at Dworkin with an obviously annoyed look. “Latimer is quite correct, Javert,” Oberon replies. “As is Lord Dworkin. In the end, this is a Crown Decision. I called you together to alert you to a potentially dangerous situation and to get your advice as to how to address it.”

He looks at Sir Benjamin. “That your advice may or may not be acted upon is not germane to the fact that it is of value. In order to make the best possible decisions, the benefit of your knowledge, skills, and experience is useful to me. Thus, after consultation with you all, I agree that a military expedition by the Furies is not advisable.”

Magnan brightens, though Sertorius scowls a bit, and Oberon continues. “However, this matter IS a matter of Concern to Amber, though it lies outside of our borders.” It seems that Oberon is speaking straight to Magnan here.

Cochrane clears his throat. “Then how do you intend to approach it?” he asks, clearly voicing the question on several ministerial minds. Duana looks at the King, awaiting his orders in respectful silence. Rowan ceases writing and looks up to hear the Oberon's orders.

“A small party of travelers, whose composition will not arouse suspicions in the minds of those who make it a habit to watch and question us,” Oberon replies.

Morrigan's expression is completely unreadable from where she stands behind Dworkin, her hands clasped behind her back.

Javert nods respectfully to Oberon, but remains silent, making it clear that he far values the King's opinion above that of Dworkin. Jason, meanwhile, nods in approval at Oberon's plan.

At this point, the door opens, and Aston, accompanied by Lucian and Valcon, enters.

Latimer nods to his brothers, then sits and gets comfortable for a long discussion.

Valcon enters quietly and settles on a bench against the wall to listen quietly.

Duana, distracted by the sound of the door, looks over. Seeing her cousins, she nods. She grins briefly when she sees Lucian, but then turns to look at Dworkin and Oberon once more.

Morrigan gives Lucian a nod from her spot behind Dworkin.

Lucian has a grin and a slight wave for both Duana and Morrigan.

Rowan gives all a nod and Valcon a brief smile, which he returns.

Aston lets his eyes sweep over the room. He bows to Oberon and Dworkin. “Apologies for our tardiness Sire. We were delayed.”

Lucian bows as well before moving to find a seat.

“You haven't missed much,” Javert confides.

Oberon nods. “We know the business that you were about. I was about to ask for volunteers for a team of inquiry to set forth for Goa.”

Rowan raises her hand and says, “I will go.”

Valcon stands and replies to Oberon’s comment, “I volunteer to go Your Majesty.”

Duana nods. “If'n ya think it'd be appropriate fer me ta be going, yer Majesty, I'll be doin' ma duty ta the Crown.”

Lucian speaks up, “What is of interest in Goa, sire? Not more zealots I hope.”

Aston moves his eyes to Morrigan for a moment as Lucian speaks, then back to Oberon awaiting his response. Morrigan's head tilts in the briefest of nods to Aston and she has that 'prepare for the worst' look in her eye

Oberon shrugs. “The specifics lie more in Master Dworkin's sphere than my own.” He allows.

Dworkin clears his throat and after shooting a quick glance at Javert he continues, “I believe this is unrelated to the Begman petition regarding the Daughters of Titania and their zealotry… They’re a nuisance to be sure but can be dealt with easily enough. The situation in Goa is far more troubling. Based on what little we know, great power is involved, a good deal of sorcery and power was wielded in the attack and it was of an ancient source.”

He pauses to survey the assemblage. “I think some reconnoiter by those gifted in such areas and with some real knowledge of the True Enemy should be conducted as quickly as possible. To that end I suggest we accept the offers of the Champion, Morrigan and Nerezza as well as that of Lady Rowan. As for leadership…..” He pauses again looking about looking at each of the assemblage in turn before his eyes settle on one man. “Yes Prince Aston…a most fitting choice I should think to lead this expedition.”

Rowan nods to Dworkin and replies, “I accept.” She then glances briefly at the others included in the mission.

Morrigan gives Dworkin a startled look about something in his speech. Even Macha looks curiously at him. “Yes, sir,” the Champion replies with a bow of her head at him.

Aston bows his head to Master Dworkin. “Honor to serve, Master,” he replies quietly. “We are to seek out those we contended with at the end of the Crusade then?” he asks.

Malcom McBride raises his voice. “Perhaps I was mistaken, but did the Gazette not report a death on the waterfront this morning?”

Sertorius snorts. “Hardly the first, nor likely to be the last, I'd say.”

“You read correctly, Admiral,” Jason says. “But I've not heard details of the incident, other than what has been reported.”

Rowan adds, “The dead man was one Bomilcar Migore who just happend to be a wealthy trader from Goa Admiral.” An eyebrow quirks sardonically.

Valcon settles back down on the bench and listens. Both intrigued and concerned by the conversation, it almost sounded like some one was trying to start a war.

“Goa?” Jason repeats. “Hell. I don't believe in coincidences that big.”

“Goa,” says Rowan firmly. “And neither do I, Jason.”

Valcon nods, agreeing with Jason and Rowan.

“I'm thinking we're all gonna be drawin' the same conclusions here,” Duana submits. “Mayhaps we should just be by-passin' that stage and just be gettin' on ta plannin' the mission?”

Aston nods, “I agree, the murder is yet another piece of the puzzle to address, we should begin making plans for Goa. I would also like to ask Mordaleah and Lucian to join in this task if they wish to join us?” he gives Lucian a glance as he speaks. “As well as anyone else who believes they can be of assistance?”

Morrigan frowns faintly. “We are trying to not draw attention, Aston. Which is why we are keeping the group small. Every one of your siblings has something to offer to the mission but with every one of them we add, the more likely the group is to draw notice and comment.”

Valcon asks, “If we are worried about having large group spotted, why don't you send one person say me for example and I will trump the others in when I arrive. True, I am known around Amber but I am not a member of the royal family. And I have a history of going all over the place.”

Aston shakes his head at Morrigan, “There is a fine line in attracting attention and being prudent. You of all people should understand just where it is we are going. Or have you forgotten the lessons we were taught in the Crusade?” He frowns and shakes his head again. “I welcome your input, but Lucian goes if he is willing, as does Mordaleah.”

He turns to Valcon. “Cousin, I appreciate your offer, but I would not risk you facing this alone. I’m afraid you would not know what to look for as well. I have faced this threat before and am a bit better equipped to complete this mission.”

Morrigan just shrugs and looks at Dworkin.

Lucian shifts in his seat as Morrigan and Aston debate the issue. He glances at Morrigan briefly before answering, but nods in the affirmative, “I am ready to serve in whatever capacity I can, Aston. Sign me up.”

Valcon debates silently to himself about saying something then decides not to and just nods in acknowledgment of Aston’s comment.

Rowan turns and states, “I believe my talents would help best by going to Goa to ferret information if you see fit, Aston.”

Duana surveys the room and then looks towards Aston. “If'n ya are ta be headin' up this mission, ya certainly know us and what we're all capable of. Make yer choices. All of us here'll go or stay on yer say so.”

Oberon nods. “Aston can run this as well as any, I agree. Let the team be as he would have it. Meanwhile, there are other aspects of this that should be addressed, as Admiral McBride noted. Javert, perhaps you and one or two others could head up an investigation into the murder?”

“Chancellor, I suggest that you start looking for money, we may need it soon.” Jeanine frowns slightly, but nods. “Anything else?” Oberon asks, looking about.

“We also need to look to the condition of the fleet, and our winter food supply.” Collingwood offers, to a general nod.

Oberon grunts. “Then do it.” Sweeping the room, he asks, “Others?”

Aston nods. “I propose we have one or two people receive and sort all the information regarding the Goa matter, and other significant matters. That way all of our intelligence is centrally located with someone the King trusts.”

“I volunteer for that duty,” Jason says, turning to Oberon. “If it suits the will of the Crown.”

Oberon surveys the subsiding chatter in the room. To Jason, the King nods. “Very well. Collate and review everything that we learn. As nobody has anything else to add, I see no reason to prolong this meeting. “

Aston rises and bows his head to Oberon and Dworkin. “I, Morrigan, Lucian, Nerezza and Mordaleah will be leaving as soon as we are prepared. Rowan has knowledge of this death down here at the Harbor, and since we all agree it is probably related, I believe she would be the best at managing that line. Valcon, you will accompany Rowan, your magical skills will undoubtedly be needed.”

Valcon nods to Aston in acknowledgment of his task.

Aston turns and nods to Jason, “We will all report to Jason and he will report to the King, as well as keep me informed of what the other team finds.”

Lyonene, silent and listening the entire time, rises gently from her chair. Her voice while soft carries across the room and her speech, as always, is crisp and clear. “Pardon me for a moment. I realize I have little knowledge when it comes to crises so I apologize for questioning so early in the day, Aston. However, it seems to me that the best choice to lead an expedition to the waterfront should be Javert. He knows everyone there and can obtain the information we seek with a minimal amount of suspicion.” Lyonene pauses and brushes her hair over her shoulders, squaring them a bit as she does. “I volunteer to be one of the ones who collects the information the scouting parties find. Handling large amounts of minute details and making sense of those details is what I do every day.”

Latimer looks up from his notes as Lyonene stands and speaks, then looks around at the assemblage again.

“Perhaps we should issue a statement,” Charly says to Oberon. “Not specifying Goa, but that will be clear that's what we're talking about. A 'take one more step and we'll beat you back to the stone age' message might carry weight even though we're not involving ourselves.”

“Since no one could possibly think Amber hasn't noticed the fact that Goa is under new management, perhaps it would be prudent to put out some official feelers to let everyone know we're looking into it. Through diplomatic channels of course. Otherwise, if no obvious action is taken, those in Shadow will begin looking for the hidden movements,” Latimer remarks to no one in particular.

Aston gives Latimer a slight smile. “You took the words out of my mouth. Being the Ambasador Plenipotentary, my presense in Goa or anywhere else should not go noticed overly much. Under the guise of a diplomatic mission, the rest of my group and I can carry out our mission.” He shrugs. “I was saving that for our planning sessions, but since you brought it up, I think that should work well.”

Aston nods to Lyonene. “I assume you will be remaining here in the Castle? That would be an ideal home base for the gathering of the information.”

Jason looks across the room at Lyonene. “If you care to assist, we should talk later, please, and coordinate,” he says.

“I agree,” Lyonene responds.

Aston turns and looks at Javert. “If you are willing, I would have your skills on the waterfront as well.”

Finally turning back to Duana. “You my lady are something of an enigma. Where do you think your skills would best fit in?”

“I'm a bard an' a historian first an' foremost.” Duana answers. “I observe an' I have contacts all o'er the place. I dunna know if'n ya need someone ta survey the surroundin' Shadows ta get an idea of how people are feelin' 'bout Goa these days, or ta find out if'n they know anythin' 'bout what's going on there, but if'n ya do, then I'm probably best cut out ta be doin' it.” She shrugs. “Other than that, I'm probably best suited ta help out the Lady Lyonene. I have a good hand an' I can take notes as well as anyone else, I suppose. If'n I'm hidin' out in the castle fer a while, no one's gonna take a second look at it. They'll just be thinkin' I'm writing a new ballad. Just put me where ya be needin' a keen eye. That's the most I can suggest.”

Aston arches an eyebrow when talk turned of scouting the shadows around Goa, as Duana finishes he says, “That’s an angle I had not thought of. The mood of the surrounding shadows would certainly be reflective of the mood in Goa. I would like you to pursue that. Would you need someone to accompany you?”

“Company would be most welcome.” Duana smiles. “I dunna know which o'ya would like ta come with me though.” She looks around the room. “An' I wouldna ask ya ta come if'n ya dunna want ta.”

“I can vouch for Duana as an excellent travel companion. Life is never dull with her around.” Lyonene spares a nod for Duana then continues, “My place is in the castle so I am not volunteering. Merely nudging.”

Duana grins at the Lord Chamberlain and nods. “Thank ya.”

“Aston, would it be possible for me to go with Duana? My experience in Shadow would be helpful,” Valcon asks.

Aston considers the situation for a moment then nods. “Javert will be with Rowan, and I think Duana can get more covered with some help.”

Valcon asks, “Aston, forgive me for asking but is it wise to have both you and Mordaleah go together? You would be putting out a most tempting target to take out the Crown Prince and Crown Princess of Amber all at one time.”

Aston shrugs, “I agree with you Cousin, but I will let you be the one to explain to her that she can’t come along.” He gives Valcon a slight smile.

Valcon is thoughtful for a moment then sighs softly and nods to Aston.

Jaxxon rises from his seat beside Charlemagne, he looks at that Prince, bows slightly, and offers his hand. “Andalusia owes you a debt, Your Highness, if there is ought we can do to aid Amber in the current crisis, you have but to ask it of me…or of any the officials in my office, as they will get word to me.” The big man smiles, “The Royal Guard also know how to contact me, if the need arises.”

More formally, as his voice carries, “The King of Amber has ended the session. Andalusia thanks you all for your hospitality, and stands now as a friend to Amber, as it always has. Good Day to you all…” The Duke of Alhambra in Andalusia bows, and leaves the room.

Aston nods to the Duke as he moves out, he lets his gaze flow over the room once more, “If there is no further discussion…?”

With Macha on her shoulder, Morrigan takes her leave of Monarch, Master and Council, unless someone stops her, having had her fill of bickering.

Valcon takes the opportunity as the meeting starts to break up, to walk over to Duana. “Lady Duana, as we are to be traveling companions, shall we adjourn to another chamber to plan our trip?”

Duana nods. “I've got chambers here in the castle, if'n ya like, we can head o'er there and I'll get some food sent up for us.” She grins at him. “An' ya can be droppin' the Lady bit. I still ain't used ta it.”

Valcon smiles. “Then Duana it will be. Shall we?” he gestures towards the door.

Aston takes a moment and approaches Latimer, “If you have some time I would like to speak with you about an issue of some importance?”

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