Making Meetings

"I would like to see the Queen's secretary," Kendall says to one of his escorts. It is not quite a request.

The solemn Knight nods in acknowledgement, and leads Kendall down hallways, stairs, and to a small door. The Knight taps softly, opening once he hears a feminine "enter" from the other side. Seated behind a desk that is as neat as she, is Genoveve. Her golden hair is pinned up, highlighting exotic pointed ears.

"Yes?" Gen inquires in a businesslike tone. The Knight steps to the side and allows Kendall to enter. Seeing the young Lord of Chaos, Gen rises up behind her desk like the morning sun and allows him to bask in her charming glow.

Kendall nods to the Knight distractedly, keeping his watchful gaze on Genoveve as he steps more fully into the room and up to her desk. He nods to her as well, though he certainly does not grace a mere secretary with a bow. "Fair T-" a bare pause for thought, and then he finishes instead with, "-morning. I am here to arrange a meeting with Her Majesty, Queen Morgana."

Gen looks disappointed, her luscious ruby red lips almost pouting. "I'm afraid that Queen Morgana is all booked up today. The best I can do right now is find you a few private minutes before tonight's dinner." Looking down on her desk, she adds. "Now tomorrow, I see she has some time in the morning… that is, if you can wait."

Kendall considers for a heartbeat before nodding. "The morrow will be sufficient," he answers. "She also suggested that a recurring meeting time should be arranged."

Looking slightly annoyed at that, as one who must reorganize an already crowded schedule, Gen replies, "And did she happen to specify when such a meeting time take place within her day?"

"I do not recall that she did," Kendall answers. "Nor how often she would like it to recur. However, I am certain someone of your skills is more than equal to the task. I would certainly make every effort to be available whenever the Queen is able to see me."

She smiles at that, saying, "Charming as well as handsome… I can see why M'Lady wishes to have such an arrangement now." Looking down at the open schedule book in front of her, she continues, "So what time of the day do you prefer?"

That question apparently confounds the young Lord. He has to pause for thought for several frowning heartbeats before finally venturing, "Anytime later in the morning, and… after. I am not completely familiar with the time divisions here, but between second meal and dinner would be satisfactory."

"Hmm… How are your feelings about tea?" Gen asks.

Kendall smiles again and nods, looking pleased. "I would be delighted," he answers. "Would that be… tomorrow, then?"

"Let's see…" Gen says, looking down again at the book. "I think it would be safer if we go with that." She looks back up at Kendall with her dazzling smile. "Tomorrow and every day after at three then."

Kendall begins to nod, but hesitates at the numerical reference. He looks nonplussed again for a heartbeat before saying, "If I may inquire… three of what?"

She giggles at that. "I see we both have trouble with time here. Let's see… how should I say it? When the sun is straight above the castle, it is noon. Each hour it travels about a hand-span… so Tea Time is three hand-spans after noon. Or you can look at any clock, and it's Tea Time when the clock's small hand is on the three and the large is on the twelve." Gen smiles. "And it's still daylight outside."

Kendall's attention and concentration sharpen to almost a palpable force as she explains things, looking at the clock for a few moments as a visual aid. But he still looks fairly lost when she's done. He nods, though. "I… see. I believe. Does this then relate to the chiming of the clocks? The clocks chimed six times when we were called to dinner last Turn."

Gen nods in confirmation, saying. "The number of chimes is what time it is, three chimes is three o'clock. It's rather simple, but practical."

Kendall's expression finally clears. "Ah. That makes more sense. Thank you for assisting me with this concept. I imagine establishing relations may prove more than a little daunting in the large scheme when confusion may be sparked from such small matters. However, with the gracious assistance of individuals such as you, I am certain the two Houses will find common ground." He smiles at her, though he still has a calculating watchfulness in his gaze.

"If I may ask," she says, motioning him to take a seat before her desk. "How do they tell time in the Courts?"

Kendall's eyes follow the motion to the chair. He seems to consider the invitation, then pulls his robes around himself and sits carefully, precisely arranging the folds of fabric just so. "Tell?" he inquires after he is all settled. "We do not tell Time anything. Most often we ask. But as for tracking the passage of time - which is, I believe, what you meant - the sky turns, changing colors as it does. One full Turn may be somewhat equivalent to the 'day' here. Appointments are set according to the color of the sky."

"That makes sense…" Gen takes her seat. "Very logical in a way, if you think about it. But what of night?"

Kendall nods to her remark about logic, as though logic should be assumed. "Night? Do you mean when the sky here is dark with white lights? It was almost like the sky in Chaos at the Turning of Blacksky. If you are referring to time for meditation, that is also governed by the sky colors. The sky changes color in the same pattern each Turn. Some periods of time are for activities, some for meditation and rejuvenation."

"Meditation and rejuvenation?" Gen asks, puzzled. "You mean sleep, correct?"

"That is what others may call it," Kendall answers stiffly. "We of Chanicut, however, do not engage in that activity, taking our rest instead through meditation, rejuvenating our minds and bodies with deep contemplation of the governing principles of our House."

"Do you dream?" Gen asks, her tone showing her interest.

"No," Kendall answers. "Those of other Houses may. We of Chanicut plan."

"Plan?" She asks with some disappointment.

Kendall frowns in puzzlement. "What would you have us do? What do you dream about?"" he inquires.

"I also… do not dream," Gen answers. "It's due to my Fey blood. I sometimes wonder if the price was too much?"

Kendall thinks over her answer for five heartbeats before asking her, "May I inquire what you believe you would find in dreams, that makes you so wish for them?"

"I'm not sure…" She says, leaning back into her chair. "But with only the stories of others, I believe I am missing something special." Gen smiles at that. "Isn't also a truth in your world, that we only really desire those things we can not possess?"

"That is perhaps one of the truths that transcends time and space," he answers. "Especially when the things we desire are near at hand."

She at first raises a eyebrow at that, but then nods in agreement. "Yes, most times those things we can not have… are close enough to remind us of our lack."

He simply nods and is silent for a heartbeat before noting, "You remarked before that you are not of Amber. May I ask how you came to be here?"

"I was summoned here by the Queen." Gen answers, a little sharper and more forceful then she planned. Trying to cover it up, she asks, "And you, what made you come here?"

"My House desired it of me," is all he offers in response to her question. He looks around briefly, and then stands. "I fear I am keeping you from your duties, so I will detain you no longer. Thank you for making the arrangements for me."

"Yes." Gen says, standing as well. "Both of us seem to have busy days ahead of us." Coming around her desk, the elfin woman moves to take Kendall's arm in hers and escort him the short distance to the door. Kendall quickly steps backward when she reaches to take his arm, his surprise at the gesture obvious in his wide eyes, and Genoveve immediately abandons the gesture.

Allowing no more awkward moments to arise, or giving heed to those that already have, she walks with him to the door and gives him a curtsy. "May your days be pleasurable."

The two guards in the hallway snap to attention as the door opens. Kendall nods to her curtsy. "Thank you. May your duty be light."

He steps out into the hall. After Genoveve's office door is shut, he requests to see Captain Briar if she is available. The guards nod in understanding and lead the Chaos Lord to Briar's office. There, a young Lieutenant informs him that the Captain is out and inquires if this is important enough for him to send out a page to track her down.

Kendall gives the Lieutenant a cold stare for four heartbeats. "I am a Representative of Chanicut," he finally says in an aggrieved tone, as though the Lieutenant had just committed a major breach of protocol. But his attitude abruptly changes to bestow vast patience on these clueless Amberites. "However, it would be satisfactory for you to let the Captain know I inquired after her. She may seek me out when she is available, this Turning or next."

The Lieutenant nods in understanding, struck speechless by the young Lord's response. He seems unsure now whether to send for his Captain or not, and Kendall guesses that he can either push the point or let his decision stand.

The Chaosian graces the Lieutenant with a contemptuous look while thinking it over, allowing the subordinate to suffer in his uncertainty for five heartbeats. Ultimately, however, decides against pressing the issue. "I shall inform the Captain that her subordinates are in need of more training in protocol," he says instead. Then without another word or acknowledgement, he turns and departs.

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