Desta and Neman - Hello in the Library

There is the sound of the library door opening and shutting, but little else at first. The young woman who paces into the room is all but silent, her clothing swishing faintly in the hush of the room. She is wearing matched dark brown from neck to toe - long sleeved shirt with belt, trousers tucked at mid-calf into soft moccasin boots - all of it a neat and tidy linen of durable rather than decorative cut and weight. Her blond hair is pulled back into a braid, though many loose hairs have escaped confinement. She stops near the door and looks all around the room, taking everything in, including the woman at the table with the stack of books. Given her dress, it's unlikely she's ever seen so many books in her life.

The young woman at the table has long brown hair falling down onto some of the books, and is wearing a workdress of black with an overdress in a pale tan. She doesn't look up from the books, but speaks nonetheless. "You're not the page I sent for lunch, and you're not one of the family that I know, so you might want to introduce yourself."

The blonde looks back at her. "I am Desta, Lady Neman" she says. Her voice is low, but clear, respectful. "I'm sorry for interrupting you."

She shrugs, still not looking up. "You're not interrupting. It's just fairly polite to introduce one's self." Then, she looks up. “Just, I suppose, as it is to look at those you're speaking to. It's clear you know of me, but I don't think I've heard much about you."

"Likely not," Desta acknowledges. "There's not much to hear. I'm here with Prince Julian. I learned about members of the Royal Family from him."
Neman nods.
"Yes, I think I heard about that. A singular honour from him, if you are all that you appear. I don't recall hearing about any other Ranger given indefinite guest rooms in the Castle. I believe there's a bit of gossip about that."

Desta stands quite motionless for several seconds before she shrugs with studied indifference. "There's always rumors and gossip," she says, still diffident but with an edge. "Prince Julian has reasons for doing things. He don't always tell me what they are."

Neman shrugs and smiles. "That could be said about every one of the Princes - and their sisters. I have yet to see any of them operate in a straightforward fashion, save perhaps Prince Gerard. You needn't worry about the appropriateness of the gossip - most simply believe you to be his child. Or, perhaps, the child of another, whom he found. Only the perpetually jaded believe other things."

Desta relaxes again. "Oh, that kind of gossip," she says. "Yeah, he told me there'd be talk like that, and not to worry much about it." She takes a couple steps closer to the table where Neman sat, turning her head a little to read the titles on the spines of the books.

The books range from historical theses to magical to military. Neman makes a few notes from one of the books, and looks back up. "It isn't really hard to understand. Given the nature of this blood, you're either family, a servant, or a plaything. Servants don't get guest quarters. Family, after the test, get their own. Since you've yet to be tested, your status is up in the air."

Desta’s frown returns, more irritated than before. "Yeah, sure. Thanks for the breakdown." She turns back to the library door.

Neman blinks. "Did you not come in here for something? Or were you simply wandering?"

Desta stops at the door, looking back at the Lady at the table. "You're busy. It's your castle. I'll come back later," she explains.

The dark-haired woman cocks her head to one side. "It's a large library. I doubt you'll disturb my work."

She shrugs. "Yeah, but I think I'll explore the gardens now instead." Remembering her manners abruptly, Desta turns to bow to Neman. "Nice meetin' you."

Neman shrugs and returns to her work, Desta forgotten between the next two paragraphs after she departs as silently as she arrived.

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