Possibilities Speak

The displeasure, almost a rage, radiates off Cedric to rival the heat beyond the windows. He doesn't say anything, and she's not looking towards his face, but Rory gives a gasp, with a step back. Neither does Margot see, Cedric reaching up into thin air as he summons the Logrus and finding a thread. Pulling on it, as he grabs another, leaving Margot alone in this unknown hall.

As the queasiness easies, and Margot can take stock. Cedric is gone, as well as Rory, and both set of doors at the ends of this hallway seems very unfamiliar now to what she believed them to had been when she entered. Remembering Kendall said something about the Courts being very fluid, so perhaps the same was true of their buildings.

But whatever, because without a doubt, Margot could be… very, very lost.

The doors she came in, or at least the direction, are now of eerie dark metal and dusty. The other pair, now of red copper, that flows and displays some scenes of a battle. The scent of fresh blood teases her nose, as muffled moans of more than just one is heard. Not as a warning, or something to be alert about, more of a clue to what would be coming if she continues. For a place like this was built to honor the spilling of blood.

And that always has horrors….

"Of all the childish, pampered, POMPOUS displays…" Margot muttered, too angry at the moment to sense the immediate danger. "Apparently Lord Cedric is too accustomed to gaining his way," she continued to grumble as she stared at her surroundings. "And to steal away with Rory, like some child taking his ball home because the rules don't suit him or he can't have his way… utterly spoiled and undisciplined."

Only when she took a deep, calming breath did she notice the ferric scent in the air and the maudlin song echoing around her. No. This was not a good place at all. And Damn Cedric for abandoning her!

Now is not the time for panic. Margot tried to regain control of her wits and emotions. If Rory knew where she was, he would come… if he were able… which he may not be. Kendall was gone, and something deep within whispered to her that calling out for assistance from the staff would draw unwanted attention rather than helpful assistance.

Her heart raced as she glanced between the doors. Which to pass through? She wondered, straining to hear where the moans were originating from. Cedric had pulled a dirty trick, manipulating the Manor with Logrus; knowing that such an act would make her ill and dropping her in an unknown dungeon maze would summon the sort of heightened senses that only come with sheer terror.

Closing her eyes, she made a decision that was certainly going to have repercussions; but she'd be damned if she would beckon the Heir-Apparent for rescue.

As Kendall had taught her, Margot began to focus on her breathing, drawing deeply from within to channel her will and summon the Pattern. If she could shift an entire ship with its complete retinue, she could make her way back to her chambers unscathed. Concentration until it hurt, she began to envision her bedroom chambers, the lovely colors splashed upon the black, red and golden walls. Focusing deeper, she could hear Dilys and Aelwyn in her thoughts, and there, next to her bedside, was the magnificent bouquet her beloved had brought her, kept safe by a powerful Duchess.

"You ever do wish to really die, don't you?"

The feminine voice says, soft and inoccent like a child's. Watching from the copper door, is a kitten… its form being of pure light.

"Not that I should interfere, but possibilities are possibilities, because they are possibilities." She purrs, going with a pounce on something Margot can't see. "Filthy things…" The kitten says with a crunch, coming from under her paws. "But what does one, even such as I, expect in a place like this?"

Margot simply stared at the feline as it addressed her. "What I wish… is to return to my chambers, preferably unscathed." She watched the cat for a few more moments before folding her hands in front of her in a respectful countenance. "Whom do I have the pleasure of entertaining?"

"The being that kept you from blowing yourself up." The Kitten replies, catching another invisible something before the crunch. "And as for wishes, I don't know either to pity or salute." It pauses to look-up to the woman close, its eyes the color of twilight. "Very small, yet Chaos may require that now."

"Then you have my gratitude for saving me the disgrace of plastering this room with my viscera. It would be a horrible way to repay the kindness of my host." Margot replied with a hint of amusement that can't be stifled; more at her circumstance and having a conversation with a kitten after nearly escaping absolute destruction with only the feline's assistance to account for her survival. Some days, it seems she truly is trapped in one of Lewis Carroll's drug induced dreams. "How shall I properly address you? 'Kitten' seems hardly appropriate given your … generosity."

"Carroll was a hack." The kitten says, looking to Margot's feet, more the one he did touch. "It will stain you know, never will you be able to wash away his touch now. That was very foolish, child… words are bad enough, but a touch adds waves that never still." Those twilight eyes return to Margot's own. "You may name me Possibilities if you wish, its closer then most."

"Thank you, Possibilities." Margot inclined her head to the Kitten respectfully. "The stain will be a reminder of the marked difference between the two Lords of Chanicut." She answered simply, holding on to the treachery that had befallen her by the eldest Lord and the anger that it conjured. "And that is more than enough. Lord Kendall will hear of what happened, I have no doubt. He will have the scene painted for him first through Rory's eyes and then through mine. He will likely even hear of events with a different interpretation still from the elder Lord; but I am confident in Lord Kendall's skills in logic and masterful deduction." She pauses, caught up in the amorous thoughts that had so often brought her comfort in the past.

"I trust him with my life," she finally states with the conviction only one fully committed to their lover could possess.

"You were the one at fault, and as Court punishments go… it was rather endearingly light and sweet. In your servant's House, most likely you would have been dead." Possibilities points a paw at her. "You are Houseless, even if a guest, and he who soon could be it's Lord asked for a dance with a honest heart. You frolic, then spurned, so very much the Amberite. But you are not in Amber, are you? You turned your back on it, with so many schoolgirl woes." The kitten places her paws spreadwise. "I am between the Past, and the Future. So I know more of you, then any other being in this moment. So I ask you this, is your affections for Kendall so small, so frail, that a single dance would damage them?"

"I did not refuse a dance, I asked for one to be before the courts," she countered patiently. "And I suspect that the 'chance' meeting with the elder Lord was hardly coincidence. I offered him pleasant companionship and polite conversation; but I will not be an object for him to taunt Kendall with. That I will defend. A fool I may be; one at fault, I will accept for ignorance is hardly a defense. But, if that may be, then I choose where my loyalties and confidences reside." She looked down upon the cat, still respectful, but with the inner strength and determination of the Princess and House representative she intended to become. "In Amber, I had a similar debate with my parents. If I am to be a pawn, then I will choose who will be my keeper. And that is Kendall."

"You refused one here, in this moment, when your chances of getting a powerful ally were the strongest. And so, even if all you said was true, he lied to that very moment. For by asking, it became the truth, and you wounded his pride. And that isn't about loyalties or confidences reside… that's just good sense within the Courts not to do so." The kitten, so cute, of light and dustbunnies dancing.. isn't backing down as well. "In Amber, yours never try to be caught in a lie… so half-truths are their stock and trade. But in the Courts, reality is water within water… complex, yet when told a lie, the liar must make true, so the lie itself could then be considered the truth. If Cedric wanted to only bed, to hurt his brother, and in those desires, lied to make such so. Those lies, then do become truth as they hatch within us. That is the nature of Chaos, why they survived so long."

"And so by informing him that I was not duped by his charade, I was correct in my observation but should not have said as such? And that is where I am at fault?" Margot inquired, brow furrowed in confusion. "Does no one refuse Lord Cedric? Or even delay his gratification?" Margot was curious, indeed, but still he behaved no different than a toddler that lost his favorite stuffed animal.

"Have you been much better?" Possibilities asks of Margot. "In that moment he asked, all he did wish was to give a wonderous dance upon the fire. If anyone was to gain gratification I would had said you first." The kitten says with a sigh. "The rest… be what it will be. One of them now will die, and it will be at the end, all your fault."

"What do you mean 'one will die and it will be my fault'?" Margot asked, finding her throat pinched off by her heart and fire raging in her eyes. "It is a shame you were not available to give such sound advisement when it was required." She added, barely keeping her emotions in check, though her voice remained frigidly calm. "Where are they? Take me to them." she demanded in a low voice. "Consider it an opportunity to allow a Houseless Guest to make amends. That has to be worth someone's amusement."

"One will die.. tis easy enough." The kitten looks to her, like she was a slow child. "Fate is at a edge, so I could not say which will die. No more then I could appear when you where with him, or the other. I do have rules I must attend, my keeper so to speak." She gives a toss of her tail, then tries to catch it for a few seconds. "As to taking, why is it now my task? After all, it was you who made the mistake." Possibilites looks back to Margot. "After all, you keep asking just for the Truth. I give it, and even more… There is nothing you can do, that won't cost you your own life! Nothing…"

"I don't believe that." Margot returned, determined. "No mistake was made. You yourself said it was all a lie until I let the Lord know I was aware of his deception. He did not wish for a dance; but for something to dangle before Kendall and taunt him with. If you will not assist me from keeping blood from being spilled…" she glanced between the doors, "I will find my own way. You see," she chuckled with a calm that she hadn't felt before, perhaps she was merely numb, "I would give my life for Kendall. And it is something he knows to the very core of his being. So, I will find away to alter the future…"

She gave Possibilities a hard look, long enough to offer final words of chiding, advice, or to assist, before moving toward the copper door as a means of egress.

As she goes to the door, the kitten continues. "You won't get to them in time, no matter the course.. its beyond all but using the Pattern. But to do so here, would cause not only your death but many others. The gift you do carry, would act like the very swords you wish to prevent upon the equilibrium. And even if you didn't care, for your own, or others, who could say you won't arrival just in time to see Kendall win… and now, you would be dying." Possibilites goes to the window, trying to find the best spot to nap. "Always speaking of dying for this, and dying for that. But what are you willing to live for?" She asks, finding her spot.

Her words stopped Margot from pushing through the door, shoulders slumped in dismay. "I live for us." she answered softly. "To be with him, to love him, to comfort him… he is what completes me and make life worth living. I live to claim what has been abandoned and to create a new, stronger existence. I live to be me."

"Mismatched shoes…" The kitten purrs.

Margot turned suddenly, removing the slipper, "You said I was stained." she stalked to the cat, "Could I not then use just enough of the Pattern to summon Cedric's return? Or, ride the Logrus? I've touched it's slick blackness enough to know that I can survive…"

"Tis his fate, did he stain you with. As to the rest, summon a full Lord of Chaos and expect not harm when using the Unicorn's Sign… that is beyond childish foolishness. Your grandmother's symbol was always one of Order, so the worlds were safe for her children. This place, is not a place of Order, and to impose such would just lead to disaster. So even if you may survive the Logrus, you won't its facet response and coming down upon your head. That's the Future, and there is no way for you change that. Use the Pattern to join them, and you will die as well."

Settled in the prefect spot, the kitten closing her eyes for a nap. "I'm sure it will work out in the end… things like this usually do."

Margot drew a deep breath of resolve, letting it out slowly. Time was being wasted. "You said there was nothing I could do. And that Chaos was the place of endless possibilities. Then, what am I able to accomplish?"

"Magick, trumps, and varies other things… were birthed by Courts" Possibilities says with a single eye open as her tail wraps about in the most cutest pose.

Margot's eyes widen. "I know Kendall like no other." Forgetting the Pattern, leaving that concept alone, she turned to the side of her bloodline that had taken second place since she traversed the lacy floor. With a sure hand, she pressed her hand against the lava wall, focusing on how her mother had ripped open a hole into the Fae Realm when she was a child, tearing reality asunder and punishing those unseelie that dared touch the daughter of Morgana Le Fey.

It was her Will to be at his side, her Will to protect him from his ferocious brother; no different than the same passion her mother felt. With her mind, she searched for Kendall - as only her mother must have searched for her, letting instinct control her actions rather than emotions and logic - and reality was as malleable as this sentient being suggested, she would reach her heart's desire.

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