Questions & Tears

Margot collects the wineglass and letter as they pass inside, taking a sip of the contents and letting the savory elixir warm her to the core. The dimness inside is startling in comparison to the sun shimmering on the water, and it takes a few moments for her eyes to adjust. She moves carefully toward the table to refresh the wine glass and collect the carafe.

While Margot pauses for wine, Kendall claims blanket from bed and then leads her over to the thickly stuffed couch and chairs that sat in cozy array close to a tiny hearth. Wood was laid within, currently unlit. He makes as though to have her sit, but then pauses as he catches her eye, as though idea forms. A small smile appears, and before having her sit, he takes glass and carafe from her to set aside, then unties the belts to both of her robes. Fingers climb her skin under fabric to peel it back from her shoulders, until it slides down her arms and back to the floor to pool at their feet.

Eyes narrow as he literally disrobes her, her hair falling wildly about her shoulders to almost protect her modesty. Still, the thought of him so easily disarming her and having her so obviously vulnerable brought a healthy glow to her cheeks, both in modesty and in desire. Stepping out of the pool of lush terry and silk, Margot returns the favor, her eyes never leaving his. Her fingers had started to become more sure, less nervous when helping him abandon his clothing. As he did her, she did him — fingers slid along the neckline to his collar before slipping beneath the fabric and sliding the offensive article away from his form.

Her smile turns coquettish. "And tell me," she inquires with an arched brow, stepping closer and wrapping her arms around him, though not in a truly lustful manner. "How you expect me to focus on the matters at hand, hm?"

Kendall chuckles at her expression and question, fingertips trailing a line along one arm to shoulder. He leans in and lays kiss to the tip of her nose. "We shall view this as a lesson in temperance and self-control," he asserts. "Yet you expressed a desire for touching and being touched whilst we talked. This may be an adequate compromise for both our comforts."

Her smile brightens, pleased that he was willing to make the sacrifice and compromise. "Then I will endeavor to keep my more… basal needs under tight control until we are done with current matters."

He sits with his back to the corner of the couch, situating himself sideways with one long leg extended the length of the cushion. She holds his hand to steady herself as she sits and then reclines against him with her head tucked against his shoulder. The blanket covers both, to ensure she stays warm.

Another kiss is pressed to the corner of his mouth, only to be smoothed in with her thumb. "Counsel me, My Heart. Tell me of this Dara of Thelbane."

An arm about her back, hand stroking her side, he takes a deep breath and then begins. "Dara of House Hendrake of the Courts of Chaos. She is powerful, deadly, and ambitious. Some whispers in Chaos claim for her the blood of Amber through Prince Benedict, though I have no verification of this. She was the War Mistress for the Hendrake horde that almost overran Amber in their last war, but alas, suffered defeat at the hands of Amber and imprisonment in the dungeons below." His tone is quiet, serious, but also reflects respect for the woman of which he speaks.

Margot's expression changes to surprised interest at mention of the uncle that her mother loathed. This, if true, made Dara relation. Did she receive training from the supposed greatest General and strategist to grace the multiverse? Or was it inherent in her blood? If Dara hated her grandfather as much as her mother hated her brother-in-law, was this a matter of the enemy of my enemy? Yet she remains quiet, holding back her questions for now. Eyes that normally shown with such life and light hold a different intensity as she continues to pick apart the conundrum of what prompted her mother to take this course of action.

Kendall looks into the near distance as he speaks, eyes resting but not focused on the unlit logs in the hearth nearby. He sips the wine before he continues. "No doubt there are many in Chaos and here in Amber who would have gladly seen her perish at the hands of Amber. But there are many others who would have deplored her death. Either way, she has been kept prisoner till now, and it seems unlikely to me that she would have sought you out under such pretenses if she had gained freedom on her own."

"So, if she is so powerful, what compels her beyond the simple ink upon this parchment to honor the words scrolled upon it?" Margot asked softly after several moments of quiet.

His eyes shift to her, looking into her dark depths for a time. "Your mother, Margot. Individually, she may hold power over the Lady Dara sufficient to compel obedience. Also, personal honor, and the honor of her House play into the circumstance. I suspect a blood debt, the Hendrake's life in exchange for this duty. Though given the Lady Dara's… attitude, she also receives some measure of enjoyment from the situation."

Margot weighs the information carefully, listening to what he has said and what he has not. "What is the relationship between Hendrake and Chanicut?"

A tilt of the head. "We are neither enemies nor allies at present, from what last I know. They were not permitted to send representatives to Amber after the atrocities of the last war, and for good reason. The Hendrakes are barely civilized at the best of times. Useful for some interests, but otherwise best kept at arm's length, as it were." Some tension seeps into his body as he speaks, unseen and unheard, but easily felt with skin against skin.

A scowl forms on Margot's face, creasing her brow. Fingers absently massage tightened muscles to gently banish the tension that has started to collect along his forearms and fingers, and a kiss is pressed to the inside of his bicep just below where his arm meets his shoulder. Finally after several minutes of silence, the princess finds her voice.

"Well, I am nothing to her… and by the picture you and Caresse paint, she seems the sort who prefers to play with her food. So if she is enjoying her assignment, then it is likely because of how her presence will influence Ambassador Brisbane or, more probably, you. I simply see no other purpose for her seeing pleasure in being assigned to what can only be interpreted as a menial task as my Lady in Waiting."

Kendall wished he could disagree, but he well knew the petty trifles and minute victories that could bring joy to a heart consumed by spite. He takes a breath in response to the tender ministrations of her fingers and lips, becoming aware of his tension and releasing it with a long exhalation.

"You are nothing to her, perhaps, but you mean a great deal to your mother and father. The Lady Dara is many things, as well as influential and well respected in Chaos. Association with her may pave the way for you in Chaos in ways that I could not." His voice throughout his answer remains calm, as though they spoke of nothing more weighty than the color of the sky.

"Do you truly believe her motives altruistic?" Margot returned with tender incredulity.

A humorless smile stretches Kendall's mouth. "I said nothing of altruism, Margot. Not on the part of the Lady Dara at the least. On the part of your mother, however… That is another matter entirely."

A shiver claims Margot, urging her to pull his arms around. She felt like crying, but shedding tears would accomplish nothing. "So, having her part of the retinue…" She pauses in thought for several moments, trying to articulate herself appropriately. "If she is, as you say, possessive of fame and notoriety… this, too, could send its own message? Is this a way to warn others that it would not be wise to assume that the Princess of Amber is an easy target?"

"That is one thing, yes," he agrees, stroking her arms to ward off a chill that had nothing to do with the temperature under the blanket. "Think you there are other benefits to having a Lady of Chaos nearby when you travel to Chaos?"

Margot falls quiet, though he can feel her heart racing furiously. "And what is your opinion?" she finally asks. "How do you feel about her presence? It is your entourage and your House."

"You are a Princess of Amber, Margot. You would be expected to have an entourage of some kind, including a Lady in Waiting or several," he answers.

Supple lips press thin, eyes close, and when she finally spoke, it was barely audible. "That is not what I asked. I know what I am expected to travel with, including a Lady in Waiting. My question is… whether THIS one offends you or causes you distress? How you are impacted by these circumstances and the final conclusion is… It matters to me," she finishes with a slight shrug.

"My opinion is of no consequence," is Kendall's off-handed response, though the muscles of his torso give lie to the initial answer at least. His voice as he continues remains cool, almost indifferent. "I wish merely for you to consider the potential long-term benefits. She may be an effective bodyguard, something you will have need of until you learn to deal death for yourself. She may also help you learn, Margot, how to behave and speak in the world of Chaosian nobility. To plan and progress, to gain stature and standing."

She sits silent as stress travels from tense jaw down her neck and through her shoulders to arms and spine. "That is a very prudent, pragmatic and diplomatic answer, Kendall." The words slipped evenly through her lips, emotion held tightly in check behind them. "I have asked for your counsel… and perhaps that does not involve what I seek."

Kendall's hand around the winecup clenches, knuckles whitening with the effort to… something. Otherwise the Chaosian sits very still, not even breathing. The tense silence hovers for 10 full heartbeats until, suddenly, he sucks in a draught of air to replenish his lungs. Releasing his breath in a gust of air, he puts the cup on the table next to them with an unexpectedly loud clatter as metal meets wood with unnecessary force. Then moving the blanket aside a little so he could grasp her arms, he turns her so that she would face him, straddling his lap.

His grasp is firm, firmer than she was accustomed to, but she still obediently follows his lead. Kendall situates her across his lap so that they can look each other in the eye, and then pulls the blanket back up over her shoulders. His own expression is one of intense thought and concentration, as he tries to formulate a reply that would work. His hands, once done with blanket, find their way to her waist.

He takes another breath, then begins in a quiet voice. "I think, shay'na, that it is complicated, and that my judgment is not well grounded for the matter. My— heart says to reject her, because she is dangerous to you. I fear your safety, not of the body, but of the mind and heart," he explains. "I initially rebuffed her for this reason, but she persisted, leading me to think there is more to this than appears at first sight."

He purses his lips for a short pause before asserting an opinion he did not care for, but felt compelled to share. "I believe that you must meet with her, speak to her, and I believe that you will need to weigh the matter for yourself. If the note from your mother can be accepted as valid, some means to ensure the Lady Dara's cooperation must be in place. And what I said earlier was truth, my sweet. It is likely that her assistance could prove of benefit to you."

A deep breath with darkening eyes, and he continues without giving her room to interject. "But I also believe Morgana to overestimate herself," he adds, tone matching his eyes. "Mayhap she underestimates Dara, or she does not know or care how the Hendrake may pursue her duty. I am certain Dara would take great pleasure in assisting you to become a proper Lady of Chaos."

Irony and venom touch his tone, and he pauses a mere heartbeat to collect himself before continuing in a much calmer voice. "And perhaps some additional accord was struck, some womanly conspiracy intended against any man who would claim you. That may be the reason for Dara's pleasure, for I cannot see otherwise how I would merit the Hendrake's spite or ire. I am simply of very little consequence in her sphere, if any at all."

Margot listens carefully, focusing on every word through the cascade of information. As his hands rested at her waist, she rested her hands on his. Stroking his forearms, she keeps her expression gentle and encouraging, though truth be told, it was not difficult as the outpour from Kendall continued. In his words, she heard emotions, including genuine concern and affection for her. And he also gave sound, logical counsel.

His gaze softens again and he looks away from her, trying to collect thoughts that were unused to such a scatter of words. His speech slows, becomes more hesitant. "But you should know all, Margot. If you come to Chaos with me, to be with me, as you have decided, it could very well be in our best interests for you to accept her service."

Eyes return to hers, once more clouded with dismay. "If the Hendrake is fulfilling a blood debt, she is obligated not to allow anything to stand in her path. She may be willing to call in debts still owed in the Courts in order to circumvent me, and even my father. There is no way to know how those dominoes would fall, where the final debt would land. Should the chain end with my father, it is possible I would be taken from you, or you from me, for no other reason than another Lord's whim. It could end in bloodshed, or worse."

A heavy sigh. "My own debts are fewer, but still very real. And so, it may be best to give the Hendrake leave to be your Lady, and make every effort to be cautious."

His struggle to find the right words warms her heart, hardly expecting to see him stripped of all composure and completely vulnerable. Soft fingers slide along his arms to find his shoulders, climbing his neck to cup his face. She could see the turmoil in his eyes, and she did not think there was anything she could do to alleviate it. This brought a different weight to her heart; she did not like to see him hurting or dismayed.

"My darling, sweet Kendall," she whispers before she leans in to sample his lips, her forehead resting against his. Several moments pass before she tips his head, bringing her lips to each eyelid before touching his lips with hers once more. "Thank you."

Though he accepts her caresses, he is too preoccupied with recovering from the experience of speaking his thoughts so candidly to pay them much heed. Going against the training and habits of long years and hard experience was a psychic strain he had not anticipated, one so great that his body reacted in sympathy, making him feel as though he had performed some great physical exertion. He swallows hard and takes a deep breath, the hands at her waist pressing her away to sit back again so that he can refresh the wine in his glass.

Honoring his silent request for space, she straightens her posture and sits back. Her face reflects concern as he uncharacteristically quaffs the entire cup of wine in several large gulps. It was difficult to not take his need for separation personally, despite the fact that she suspected that he was unaccustomed to such openness. Her expression is thoughtful, if not a bit heavy, as she tries to keep her breathing calm and her thoughts relatively neutral. Neutrality was the best to strive for, since right now optimism or hope felt like fleeting fantasy.

"Can she truly see that we are parted if it suits her, even if she is sworn to serve me?" she asks softly as her troubled thoughts finally bubble forth against her will. "Do I have no power over her actions when they act counter to my desires? As an example, were we to choose each other for mates in some form of union… I'm not pressuring. I… I'm just trying to understand. I don't even know what it is called… marriage… or whatever… but if it was blessed by your family… can she truly prevent that from happening?"

He sets the empty winecup down on the small table again, though much more carefully this time. Still unable to meet her eyes, he stares at the empty vessel instead, fingers at the stem idly turning it to watch the dance of light on the rim. What thoughts passed through his mind were now private, his expression brooding.

"It is difficult to predict," he answers at last after a space of time, still looking at the cup as he speaks. His voice is quiet but composed once more, flowing with its normal cadence. "Should the Lady Dara choose to circumvent your decision, the circle of events that could be triggered holds equal possibility to lead you to the head of House Hendrake. That unpredictability itself is what causes consternation."

"And if I refuse that path?" she asks with bitterness in her soft voice, weariness close in its wake. She had not left Amber and she was already being manipulated by all sides. "How is it that MY servant gets to determine MY destiny… isn't that decadent irony?!" It was now Margot who had the sudden urge to withdraw, irritated.

"To be stripped of freedom of will… a small price to pay for the Hendrake's service, indeed." She balls her hands into fits. Angry. Frustrated. Hurt. This did not seem like a gift but a punishment from her mother, no matter how well-intended.

"Recall that she serves you only as a corollary to serving her true mistress, your mother," Kendall points out with his gaze still focused on the cup.

"So, if I am to understand the full implications here… as you explain them… in the worst case scenario—" She pauses to breathe, trying to keep her emotions steady even as her voice cracked under the strain. "Hypothetically, we could literally arrive to Chaos, to your House… all but formally engaged… waiting for a formal announcement by your Parents, or whatever is appropriate with the Houses, and she could contact a few key political allies and it would not matter? That would be enough to not only delay our upcoming nuptials but to also sever our relationship entirely, potentially forcing me to be … I don't know … adopted by House Hendrake?"

One hand lifts to cover her eyes, not wanting to see the world around her. The other wrapped her waist, not certain whether he still needed his distance. "And there is NOTHING I can do to stop that?"

"This is Chaos, Margot," he answers, finally looking at her. His voice is steady, but sharp with assertive emphasis. "The Courts are not kind."

He pauses, taking in her apparent distress, and his free hand reaches to take hers from about her waist. Thumb caresses the back and then gentle pressure invites her to rest against him should she wish it. Her hand moves to his with little effort, though there is a pause before she moves to his chest, a few moments of thought before she relinquishes her space and seeks comfort against him. She was uncertain he truly wanted to hold her, wanted her invading his space, but as she shielded her eyes from his, she trusted that he would not take on more than he was willing to. Tears refuse to fall, but the turmoil still roiled within; violent emotions without anywhere to be let loose.

"Yes, it is possible the scenario you outlined could come to pass," he says, his voice even and calm once more. "But there is always possibility to change the resolution of any scheme or plan. You may refuse her service and banish her back to the Amber dungeon. You may accept her service, but place your own stipulations upon her. You may find her counsel useful and make an ally of her."

Kendall shakes his head as he continues. The tension in her body does not ease and he knows of no way to make this easier for her. "You asked for my counsel, but no doubt there is more I do not know. I have no basis for understanding your mother's motives, as she has proven incomprehensible to me since my arrival in Amber. But it is also possible her anger and hatred for me at the death of the Knight compel her to send Dara as proof against my designs on you. Dara would not speak with me on the matter, yet you may learn more from her, being the Lady she now ostensibly serves. But you may learn more than you desire to know, Margot."

He spoke of designs on her. He spoke of claims. He spoke of keeping them apart. He had expressed affections. He had told her that they were lovers, but they were not a couple. Then what the Hell were they? Margot wondered. And while this clearly bothered her, he accepted it as a way of life. Did it bother him that this could happen? Did it matter? Did she even have right to those answers?

Questions continued to spin in her mind; she knew what he was to her, but what she was in kind, she truly had no concept. Was she a pet? A pleasant distraction? And did THAT even matter? She was traveling to Chaos to preserve the Line… that she loved Kendall and wanted him alone only made the transition to their way far more palatable. Margot remains silent for what seemed an eternity, her body refusing to relax despite his touch, as all these questions and the confusion spun about her mind like a whirlwind of leaves caught in a breeze.

"When we arrive," she begins slowly, not sure at first what question she was asking. "How will I be presented… introduced?"

"You are her Lady now, Margot. You will be presented to the Lady Dara as the Princess of Amber in whose service she now resides."

She is silent, her brow furrowing in confusion. A wistful chuckle finally spills from her lips. "I suppose I should take some small comfort in that," she says, ruefully trying to find some amusement. "As I'm sure my … education … will reveal … much."

Her breathing is ragged, though her arms slipped from her chest to timidly slide around his waist. Perhaps she was too afraid to wrap them around his shoulders, only to be rebuked by a benign or unfavorable answer. Part of her wanted to meet his eyes and part of her was terrified to do so. With what could only be described as reservation, Margot lifts her head, lashes slowly unknitting to reveal her eyes. "But, I was referring to when we arrive in Chaos," she explains. "How will I be introduced, presented, when we arrive in Chaos? To… House Chanicut…?"

His puzzlement becomes evident in the tilt of his head and the frown wrinkles in his forehead, his hands returning to her waist as she sits up once more. Though the question and answer both seem straightforward, the context of the question suggested more beneath the surface. The sharp look of wary calculation returns to his eyes. "You are Margot of Amber, Princess and daughter of King Eric and Queen Morgana," he answers.

One of the first lessons she would have to master would be to disguise her emotions in her expression. Crestfallen, she draws a deep breath as her eyes fall. Hands rise again to scrub her face, or maybe simply to hide.

Her disappointment is easy to see, and fingers tighten around her waist momentarily. "How is it that you would prefer to be introduced?" he asks.

A muffled chuckle could be heard from behind delicate fingers before they fall, her shoulders shaking with dark amusement. She shakes her head, though she didn't know what she was negating with the gesture, and she rolls her eyes in frustration.

"Honestly… I guess that is all I should expect." She sighs, feeling the tears welling despite her determination to keep them at bay. "I suppose… with all this talk about our bed, and lovers, and my mother's vengeance to foil your designs on me, being separated due to the Hellmaiden and her spiteful political intrigues, and your claim to me…"

She wipes moisture from the corners of her eyes, as her dark chuckle continues, then cups his face with a brave smile. "I need to learn to take words at face value. It would do me well." She kisses his nose before she releases his face, turning to refresh the glass and lose herself for a few moments in the heady elixir.

Kendall watches her intently as she makes her answer, still hardly moving, and remains silent some heartbeats after she finishes. Thumbs at her ribs move slowly back and forth in a caressing gesture. As she drinks, his eyes move past her, searching the distance in thought until finally he nods. "Indeed," he agrees, bringing gaze back to meet her eyes. "Very well, Margot. Have you any further questions regarding the Hendrake?"

She does not answer until the glass is empty, setting it softly on the table. "No— Yes," she answers, changing her mind immediately. Her brow furrows in determination.

"This…" She takes his hand and places it on her heart while she mirrors the same with her own hand against his chest. "What is this? What am I to you? What do we share? Is this supposed to be secreted away now that the Hendrake is involved? Is this something that is to be hidden in Chaos out of shame? I don't understand and …. without understanding…" She starts to tremble, the threatened tears beginning to fall.

Her gaze falls, and as such so did her hand, coming to rest atop his. "Without understanding, I don't know how to behave and I don't want to ruin things for you or make you the fool or be a greater burden than I already am becoming. You know why I follow you. You know that I do not expect the same in return. I only ask for an understanding of what I am to you… in Amber, your lover. Does that change when we arrive in Chaos? I don't know how plainer I can ask the question."

Once more her eyes lift to meet his. "Even if you don't know the answer, say so. It is better than abandoning me to wonder and my imagination."

The hand on her heart moves to clasp hers, bringing it to his lips so he can press a kiss to the palm before holding it in his lap. "We have had this conversation before, Margot," he says softly. He turns her hand so he could look down at the palm he had just kissed. "I belong to Chanicut, and so… I am not my own to give or take. I know not what may come once we return to Chaos and Chanicut. Affection is not forbidden, and so I claim affection for you. But…"

Kendall sighs as he looks back up at her eyes. "It is not a simple matter for me to answer your question. I will stand as your sponsor and advocate to my House. We may also be lovers, as long as there is no cause for us not to be. Yet—" He pauses to purse his lips in consternation, not sure how to put words to his cautions.

"Our relationship is likely to cause difficulty for us both," he finally continues. "You are not of my House. You are not of Chaos. There are some who may desire to come between us. Out of spite towards me. Out of curiosity to have an Amber woman for themselves. Out of hatred for you. I know not if I will be able to adequately protect you."

Tears slip between the lashes at the corners of her eyes as Margot listens to his answer, sitting quite still. All she wanted was to get it right, to not shame him, to not endanger him, to make him proud to have brought this stranger in and sponsored her. She could not fathom why anyone would choose to have an Amber woman for themselves. For the novelty? Was that what Kendall felt? And the thought of someone attempting to come between she and her lover filled her with dread. How would they try? Would they ask her? Or Kendall? Would she have a say? There was so much she just didn't know, or comprehend.

Fingers curl inside his hand, weaving his with hers as she tries to smile amidst the flowing emotion, eyes blinking to cease their leaking. Her free hand moves to her face, fingers curling beneath her nose and covering her mouth, occasionally unfurling to catch a tear before it fell from her cheek.

"But…" Kendall falls silent again, and she can feel tension building in him again as he struggled to find words for things that would normally be left unspoken. He stares at her briefly, watching the tears continue to fall, then closes his eyes and tips his head back in a gesture she's never seen before. Ne needs another deep breath to ease his tension before he resumes speaking and his eyes open again, some measure of calm having been restored once more.

"I will speak as plainly to you as I am able, Margot. You are my lover," he reiterates, eyes locked with hers. "I feel no need to hide this from Lady Dara or anyone else for that matter. She knows already that I have bedded you, likely due to her conversation with Morgana. Yet it is not her affair what her Lady does with her free time, unless you deem otherwise."

Another pause to gather thoughts and steel resolve. "I also desire you, Margot," he manages at last, hand leaving her waist to gently wipe the tears from one cheek. Her head tips into his hand, lips brushing inside his palm as her other hand moves to cradle his hand. "I desire to have you as my companion, as long as I am able. I… enjoy your presence, the ease which I feel with you. I enjoy talking with you, bedding you, spending time with you. I am not accustomed to feeling at ease, relaxed, and free to enjoy myself. It is— challenging for me to find accord within my heart on this, and it is likely this will continue, but I will try— to be gentle with your sensitive emotions."

Her breathing continued to be a challenge to master — sometimes even, at others, ragged. His words left her speechless, something she was not accustomed to. Did words even exist? Could they possibly be strung together in a manner that would articulate the cacophony of emotions that swirled within her at that particular moment?

Timidly, she leans forward until lips touch lips, her fingers a mere wisp of sensation against his jaw. His hand at her cheek moves to seek the hair of her temple, weaving into the strands and cupping her head to draw her deeper into the kiss.

Margot lets the passion flow from her, tender kisses quickly lost in a deep embrace. As he guides her head, so moves her body with one hand sliding down his chest and along his ribcage to wrap around his back while the other slips around his shoulders to pull him tight. Arms surround her as she presses close, her skin refreshingly cool against the burning of his inner turmoil. His hunger wakes eagerly, sparked by coiled tension, indecision, and uncertainty born of their talk. And she was, as always, so eager. Wanting nothing so much as to move within her, he lifts her up to position her atop him.

Margot growls against his mouth as he unceremoniously buries himself deep within her. Muscles claim him with primal need, answering with passion from a time long before mates concerned themselves with society and civil consciousness. He gasps as she envelopes him, warmth and moistness still faintly sticky from their last encounter. Further movement is constrained by confining couch, but there is no higher thought beyond immediate need. Mouths still locked in passionate dance, he lifts her slight weight only to roll them both to the floor.

Table topples away, empty wine cup spinning to land with a clang somewhere beyond sight or thought as Margot finds home on her back cushioned only by a rumple of robes. Now atop her with hands at either side of her head, Kendall begins to thrust into his lover with urgent craving. His mouth leaves hers to release gasps and moans of growing excitement as he seeks quick release from the tense energy pent within. He holds no thoughts of finesse or control, aware only that the woman below him was willing and shared his lust.

Margot's legs weave with his, anchoring him to her while her hands cling to his shoulders. Her mouth finds flesh when his abandons hers, but the ferocity of their loving soon overcomes her need to taste him. Her head lulls back against the fabric below, her hips rising and falling with frenzy as she races to her own bliss. Moans erupt with savage pleasure, her lower lip pinned betwixt her teeth.

That they peak together is an accident of timing rather than any intention on the part of either, hurried along as they were by their individual driving urges. Sweat sheening his body, Kendall stiffens as pleasure turns palpable. Ripples of ecstasy flow through him as her screams of joy fill his ears and her fingers score his shoulders. A hoarse cry breaks free from his lips, and then…. satiation. He collapses against her to revel in the afterglow and the feel of her body below his.

Needful whimpers are silenced when his mouth finds hers once more. Margot's fingers finally relax their grip, her hands sliding to his back to smooth the exertion along his skin. She was certain at that moment that if anyone were to ask her, she would tell them there was nothing more glorious in all the multiverse than the feel of his spent body draped atop hers after climax, still joined most intimately with the weight of him resting against her while their hearts marked time as one.

Breathing gradually slows, both basking in the feel of skin against skin as sweat cools and dries. Lips explore tenderly, soothing for seemingly endless heartbeats before a low chuckle breaks free. He pulls away to prop himself up on one elbow and look down into her eyes. A small shift to the side and his weight no longer presses her into the floor and twisted fabric digging into her back. Free hand strokes the skin at her belly.

She meets his gaze with an easy and contented expression. The outer knee bends as her head tips to regard his face, eyes caressing all of his features before becoming ensnared in his illuminating eyes. One hand lifts to his brow, smoothing sweat slicked hair away from his temple while the other slides from his back along his shoulder down his arm to rest atop the hand at her stomach. Her fingers play upon his with light brushes of her fingertips.

"On that impetuous note, my sweet, it is likely time for us to prepare for the day," he remarks.

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