Aftermath: Report to Brisbane

His uncle is seated upon a chair, his trump case of blue wind crystal upon his knee as he taps it impatiently. His dress is obviously an attempt to keep away from his own authority, an ensemble of comfortable House robes that any could mistake for a mere lesser if it wasn't for the richness of fabric. His eyes are stern, demonic for a instant, before re-shifting back to more human norm. "I am of the understanding, there has been some difficulty?"

Kendall hesitates at the door, looking decidedly unhappy; Brisbane is high on the list of people he would prefer not to disappoint. He bows. "Yes, sir. Somewhat." He straightens again, maintaining a formal stance, though he looks down as he tries to figure out how to open the conversation. "The Knight Louella de Adriel, who was pregnant with my child, is dead," he finally continues, looking up.

His uncle gives a grunt of understanding, rising from the chair as he puts away his case. "I believe dinner will be quite enjoyable tonight… its seems Bireld found a fish here that tastes like my beloved salmonidae when properly prepared." With a habitual brush of a hand upon the front of this robes, Brisbane steps to leave.

"The Queen is quite upset, sir," Kendall continues. "Since it was I who killed the Knight."

The elder Chaosian pauses in the doorway to ask, "Was that your intent?"

Kendall purses his lips and waits a heartbeat before answering in a very calm voice, "No, sir. I merely met her to talk with her. Things did not go… as I had planned, however."

"That does happen at times, Nephew," Brisbane replies, equally serious. "But to what, as to the matter, did this woman's death then became intention?"

Kendall has to think on this, the situation from one angle being somewhat complicated to explain. Ultimately, though, the facts came down to basics. "I erred," he admits. "I attempted to use her anger and hatred against her, but she lost control of her emotions and attacked me. I had little choice at that point. She was Sar'Kun."

"Hmm…" Brisbane says with disappointment, not with the situation but Kendall allowing such. "The aid that I or the House may give is limited. What do you require to recover from this?"

"I don't know," Kendall says. He paces away from Brisbane to look out over the Amber sea. No matter where they were in the Tower, a view of the ocean was always near at hand. It's clear he is upset, though probably not over the death of some mere Knight. "I do think… our journey here and time spent is a complete waste of time and effort." His tone and words are aggressive, challenging, as though he was testing his uncle's response.

"So you believe these Amberites are undeserving of becoming our allies?" Brisbane asks, interested now. "I must say, I'm somewhat surprised to hear you say that after all the effort, and risk, you took with Princess Margot."

Kendall waves a hand dismissively. "I will do my duty, Brisbane, but that doesn't mean I will agree with it," he says. Turning back to face his elder, he continues. "I proceeded with the information I had at the time, but unplanned events have interceded. Yet even after living her this long I can't believe anything here in Amber is worth the effort. When we arrived, you hinted and gave vague suggestions about our goals. But really, Brisbane, I've now been run through and tainted by their Unicorn's power, and then insulted by their Queen. At this point, I want a better idea what the point of all this is. It's hard to make effective plans when I'm wandering in the dark."

"Frankly, what I told you of our task is still true," Brisbane explains. "As to your father's future designs, I only have the vaguest of approximations. But what we do here, will have consequences at home." With a stare, that holds Kendall attention, Brisbane imparts more. "I believe we are here to gain a counter, for when the traitor Brand makes his attempt to seat himself upon our Throne."

Enlightenment dawns on Kendall's face for a heartbeat. Then he looks puzzled. "Why not simply take care of him now?" he asks. It wasn't as though assassination was unknown.

"At the moment, he is beyond such things." Brisbane explains. "To why, there are only theories…yet it seems, Brand of Amber is unkillable."

Kendall's frown deepens. "If his intent is to take the throne of Chaos, and he's unkillable now, what possible counter could we find here that would affect him if he succeeds?"

"It was your father's belief, by the scantest of evidences, that this an advantage may not be so effective with his own family," Brisbane answers. "And of course, our preferences of avoiding such conflicts when possible." He stiffens, proud to be of their shared house. "We are, after all, not rabid hounds slavishly snapping at anyone near like those whores from Hendrake."

Kendall shakes his head. "But we have no real conception of what such an advantage might be or look like," he says more than asks. "Is it known if he has backing from anyone here? Perhaps their Unicorn has placed protections on him that we have not yet unraveled."

"I inquired about that, but it seems Prince Brand is hated here as much as within our own Court," Brisbane grants, in hope this will cheer up his nephew. "As to whom, indeed your Father faults their Unicorn for this circumstance."

Kendall raises his eyebrows in a sort of bemused annoyance. "Then who is backing him?" he asks. If Brand had hopes of taking the Throne, obviously he had some support from another House or two.

"Some of the Receded Houses*, rebellious Minor Houses, and the Fallen Houses** of course," his Uncle replies. "But what worries your father the most, is hints that one of the Major Houses has their hand in it was well."

"So they prop up the traitor Prince of Amber, and follow him into affluence," the younger Lord muses. "And if Brand cannot pull it off, they are no worse off than they are now." He sighs. "That is all well and good, but still leaves us with nothing here."

"While Amber is aware of some of Brand's activities, I believe at this time they may be in the dark to his true objectives," Brisbane shares. "But once known… Well, you know how they will react." His old eyes, go to a window to take comfort within the sunlight from nightmares once lived. "Savage creatures, alone as is their way." He speaks in the way of pain, remembrance, and a conflict that happened before Kendall was even born. "That is why we are here, in case Brand does become a threat to the Throne. I have no doubt, Eric would never allow it; he knows his brother would sooner or later turn his sights back to Amber."

"A common enemy, hm?" Kendall says. He pauses, thinking on Brisbane's words for several heartbeats. "May I ask who you were trying to contact?" he asks then, giving his uncle's Trump case a significant look.

His uncle thinks about it a moment before uttering. "Your sister…"

Kendall doesn't hide his surprise. "Were you successful?" he asks.

"Yes," Brisbane replies, then adds another shocker. "She will be arriving shortly…"

Shock probably wasn't quite the right word to describe that revelation. Or it was an understatement. Kendall stares at Brisbane for five heartbeats, speechless, before finally he recovers. "She's coming here? To Amber?" he asks for confirmation. "To what purpose?"

"Likely to convince me to support your return home," his uncles replies. "Failing that, to inspect the girl you so recently have taken an interest in." From his tone, Margot will have some very unpleasant days ahead if that becomes true.

"Oh," Kendall says faintly. "I should try to talk to her, then. Her coming here, though greatly appreciated, is not necessary."

"I'm sure your older brother had something to do with it, for it's rumored that she has been most bothersome lately to him in certain affairs," Brisbane shares. "And from the same, rumormongers… Your sister's standing with your father has also arisen for those very same reasons." He smiles at this. "Some even compare her now favorably to your mother."

He's torn between pleasure at the thought of seeing his sister, dread at her potential arrival, and also just a bit of irritation at her interference. It was bad enough from his mother, but having two of them running his life could prove detrimental to his sanity. "Diona's concern over my welfare is, as always, a gift far beyond any measure," he begins. "But in the case of the Princess Margot, not needed at this juncture. The Queen has forbidden me from having any association with her daughter. Until her mind can be changed, the Princess appears to be of no concern to me at this time." As for the idea of having Kendall go home, he doesn't mention it.

"Which does what, these words from their Queen?" Brisbane asks. "Do they gladden or pain your heart?"

Kendall gives Brisbane a searching look, but then remembers his uncle hadn't met the princess. Turning, he paces away a couple steps, then back again, phrasing his answer. "She's a nice girl," he says at last, that word itself telling; he wouldn't ordinarily use the word 'girl' for someone he takes seriously. "Disasterously naive, though. One wonders at their Majesties' wisdom at bringing such a simple creature to Court. Nevertheless, she has potential, and is an enjoyable companion." Of course, none of that actually answers Brisbane's question.

"And will you tell the same to your sister?" his uncle presses, more to focus Kendall's mind then for the want of a answer. Indeed his sister would never settle for this vagueness. At least, not when dealing with her little brother.

His jaw tightens and he is silent for several heartbeats. "I'm sure I'll answer any questions she desires to ask me," Kendall admits at last. He knew he wouldn't be able to refuse her anything, just as he never had in the past. The slightest smile, the simplest caress, and he was hers utterly, though he was a fool and knew it. The thought of seeing her brought an undeniable thrill, made all the more keen after dealing with these Amberites for so long. Great Serpent! He hoped he hadn't unknowingly been infected by their boorish ways. He cringed internally at the thought of her disdain should anything be less than perfect, at least in the chambers of Chanicut. He would have to make sure everything was at its best for her arrival.

Arrival?! Was he insane? There was no way he could allow Diona to come here if he could prevent it. The more sensible part of his mind, the calculating part - the part that wasn't incapacitated by the thought of seeing and talking to her - could project nothing good resulting from her visit. At least, not for him. Yet part of him wondered, if indeed the shade in the mirror really had been Grania and her words regarding difficulties at home a truth, was it possible that Diona was also fleeing to safer ground? So many variables to consider, too many unknowns…

Oh, was Brisbane saying somehing? Kendall tunes back in again, trying to calm the thoughts chasing themselves around in his brain.

"…. things have reached my ears, peculiar things, dealing with Diona," his Uncle was saying. "Even now, I fear she is coming for other reasons besides seeing her precious baby brother."

The expression Kendall turns on Brisbane could best be described as droll. He does not permit himself to harbor any delusions about the reasons for Diona's concern for his welfare. Even so, he sighs. It seemed unlikely he would be able to convince her not to come. Why he felt she should not, he wasn't entirely certain. "Perhaps she would be willing to share some details with me, were I to contact her," Kendall offers.

"Let us hope…" Brisbane agrees, elated he doesn't have to reveal more for help in this dissuading.

"Then I will attempt to do so now," his nephew says, with a bow. "If you'll excuse me…"

His Uncle nods in assent, and so Kendall returns to his bedchamber - the only place of privacy he has here - and pulls out his Trumps. He wants to try now while his energy is all fired up. Taking a seat on the balcony, he does not even have to shuffle through his cards, as the one he seeks is almost always at the top. Laying the others aside, he touches the image inscribed on the card for a moment, thinking. He had wanted to Trump her for some time, but the timing had never seemed right. Even now, he wonders if… but then he pushes that thought aside and concentrates instead on the card, focusing his will as strongly as he is able, to combat distance and obstacles. And, truth be told, in a desire to see and speak to her, a longing both for her company, as well as the hint of home.

*Any House of Chaos which has been in a long term downswing of influence and power.
**A House that has shamed themselves within the Court (for many varies reasons) and been in all affective purposes 'delisted' from the Rolls of the Courts. In effect, the black sheep of the Courts with no friends or allies.

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