Rosalind Hollingmore, Countess of Grantsburg

Status: Inactive.

Game: Clear Skies, Common Grounds freeform game, set at current day on an alternate Earth. GMed by Jess and WereRogue.

Occupation: Countess of Grantsburg. Formerly CEO of Holling Winery.

Parentage: Bleys and Matilda Montbattan, Duke and Duchess of Grantsburg.

Known Relationships: Rosalind is a member of the large Pearce family, and a first cousin to King Aeron of Aemmeria. She is close to many of her relatives, and generally at least cordial with the others. She took a great interest in the youngest children of the family, Crown Prince Aeric and the Princess Royal Thalia Pearce, as well as their cousin, Princess Isla Fairfield of Centuria. Rosalind was married to Jonathan Hollingmore for several years before he died in a car accident. Their son Lucian recently was killed in action during the war with Stovakia.

General Personality: Rosalind is straightforward and honest, though she would be the first to say that honesty doesn’t necessarily preclude politeness. Thus she will say what she is thinking with a smile on her face. She will go along with most anything with commendable docility, as long as it suits her, and her patience can sometimes seem limitless. However, if she doesn’t want to do something, she simply won’t, and she is almost immovable when her mind is made up. "Bull-headed" is one of the kinder terms used by various family members.

Haunts: Up until recently, Rosalind made her home at Hollingmore Hills, the ancestral Hollingmore estate. With the death of her son, however, she has been staying at her parents' estate, Grantsburg, in one of the guest houses. Rosalind also has a suite of rooms in the Walthamshire Palace, where she has visited regularly throughout her life.

Physical Description: Tall and willowy with striking features, Rosalind moves with a practiced grace born of many years of dance and tennis lessons when she was young. She likes to be comfortable, and dresses to that end in loose and flowing clothes for the most part, always of fine quality and in good taste. She’s not adverse to jeans, sweatshirts, and sneakers in private, however. Even though her husband has been dead for eight years, she still wears her wedding band.

Pets/Familiars: Rosalind has four greyhounds.

Casting: Jodi Foster

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