Kendall's Game Threads

Early Threads

(Wherein I join the game and Kendall arrives in Amber.)

Journey to Amber: Never Look Back (unedited)
Journey to Amber: Chilly Conversation (unedited)
Journey to Amber: Into the Veil
Journey to Amber: Final Road
Meeting the Amber Queen
Rest & Recovery
The Calm Before the Storm
Wary Welcome
Dinner with Eric's Court
Dinner Distractions
Segue to a Soiree
The Ball: First Amber Dance
The Ball: Cutting Cordiality (unedited)
The Ball: Dance with a Queen
The Ball: A Turn About the Floor
The Ball: Dance with a Princess
The Ball: Fiery Festivities
The Ball: Father's Dance
The Ball: Stableside Stroll
The Ball: One Last Dance
After the Ball
Breakfast with the King
Making Meetings
A Startling Offer (unedited)
Meeting With Prince Devlin (unedited)
A Shocking Revelation (unedited)
A Provocative Proposal
An Unresolved Dilemma
Courting Amber's Court

Later Threads

(Wherein I return to the game after an extended absence.)

Discovering the Hall of Mirrors
Tea for Three: Guests of House Chanicut
After Tea: A Small Token
A Stroll in the Garden
Meeting with "Lord" Darren of House Levalin
Bold Requests
An Exchange of Letters
An Outing on the Beach
Preparing to Dine
Dinner at Maeve's Vigil
The Morning After
Final Encounter: Kendall and Louella
Report to Brisbane
A Breath of Home: Trump Call with Diona
The Clock Chimes: Meeting Amber
A Secret Rendezvous
Confessions & Disappointments
Decision Made
Visit to a Disastrous Debut
Parting Ways
Conference with Brisbane
One Last Errand
An Unexpected Meeting
Oasis: Maeve's Vigil
A Mere Misunderstanding
Asleep to Dream
Knives Out: A Conversation with Dara
Making Amends
Interlude: Creating Accord
Keep Moving Forward
Questions & Tears
A Battle of Wills
Basking Baths
Setting the Stage
Treacherous Tango: Margot Meets Dara
Dancing in the Dust Motes
Journey's Beginning: Departing Amber (unedited)
Departure: Aboard the Good Ship Rhercyn (unedited)
An Unexpected Promise
Intimate Moments
Attack on the Rhercyn
Rest & Recovery
More Misundertanding
Blood Innocence Lost
Dread & Anticipation
Reunion: Meeting Diona
Anger & Waves
Unexpected Intoxication
Secrets & Confessions
Puzzling the Puzzle
Games & Rewards & Preparations
On the Hunt
Dressing Up for Dinner
Dinner with Countess Anira
Explosions & Confusion
Savior: Reviving the Rhercyn
Mastery: A New Paradigm
Interlude: A New Normal
Barrier to Chaos: Sargasso Sea
Dear Princess: A Favor
Escape: Defeating the Sargasso Sea
To Chaos: Journey's End
In Silver: Home at Last
Dealing with Dara
In Silver (unedited)
Between Brothers
Blessed: An Angel Bearing Gifts
Invitation to an Execution (unedited)
Shadows and Possibilities
Father (unedited)
A Brush with Madness
Beyond Obligation
A Promise Fulfilled
Requesting Audience
In the Halls of Yearning
Meeting Arabella
Farewell Sweet Princess
The Deep Breath Before the Plunge
Laying the Ghost (unedited)
Burn the Past, Walk from the Ashes
One Last Choice
Purification: Preparing for Death
Twilight: Final Steps
Darkness: An Audience with Lord Serpent
Dawn: Beginning Anew
All Hail: A New King in Chaos (unedited)

Additional Threads

(Wherein I play an NPC.)

Margot's Morning After (Margot returns from Maeve's Vigil and is berated by her maid. Occurs after The Morning After.)
Meanwhile, Somewhere in Paradise (Margot continues to recover from her Pattern Walk. Occurs during Knives Out: A Conversation with Dara.)
Culture Shock: Rory & Desrianne (Desrianne & Rory talk about various topics at various times as Rory attempts to help Margot's maid adjust to the new status quo.)
Confusion & Bewilderment (Rory counsels Margot after the altercation with Diona. Occurs during Anger & Waves.)
Margot in the Manor of Silver (Margot is shown to her suite and meets her servants. Occurs between Journey's End & Home at Last.)
Waiting & Watching in the Halls of Chanicut (Arabella entertains Margot and attempts to tell the princess things that Margot doesn't want to hear. Occurs between Laying the Ghosts & Beginning Anew.)

Other Game Threads

(Wherein Kendall is entirely absent but I was kept in the loop.)

Disastrous Debut (All of Amber comes together to celebrate Princess Margot's arrival. Occurs before Visit to a Disastrous Debut.)
Conversation Fragments (Margot talks to her mother, Queen Morgana, about Kendall at various points in the timeline.)
Resolutions & Understandings (Margot asks Dara about the berry incident on the Rhercyn.)
Margot Gets Ready for Dinner (Dara helps Margot prepare for dinner with the Countess. Occurs during On the Hunt.)
Miserable Travel (Margot talks with Dara about shapeshifting and Chanicut. Occurs before Dear Princess: A Favor.)
Dance With Me: Margot & Cedric in the Halls of Silver (Margot meets Lord Cedric of House Chanicut, brother to Kendall. Occurs between Day One in Silver & Between Brothers.)
Possibilities Speak (Margot is stuck between doors in the wake of her encounter with Cedric. Occurs after Dance with Me.)

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