The Ball: A Turn About the Floor

Later in the evening, the young Chaosian sees Prince Brin lead Kiara onto the dance floor. Taking advantage of the preoccupation, he meanders over toward the Prince's date: the Lady Emylynne. He takes an indirect route, nodding and even occasionally smiling at people as he goes, but one that will get him there before the current dance is done.

Emylynne stays close Prince Devlin's date, Maddy, who has been left to her own devices while Dev dances with Kiara's daughter. Emylynne nervously watches Kendall approach, still chatting with the much calmer Maddy.

Kendall walks up to the two women and bows. "Fair Turning," he greets them. "How do you do?"

"Fair Turning…" Maddy replies with a charming smile. "And I do just fine." She adds with a laugh.

Emylynne looks like she is about to turn away, but straightens up and looks at Kendall with fire in her eyes, a proud Hendrake warrior again. But before she can say anything, a voice interrupts.

"Having fun I hope?" Brin says, coming up from behind Kendall.

"Always, Prince Brin," Maddy answers.

"No.." Emylynne utters coldly.

Kendall turns to nod at Brin, not at all surprised by the interruption though slightly disappointed. "Such events are not often considered 'fun' in Chaos," he answers, looking back at Emylynne. "More a…" he considers the word, "necessity," he finally finishes carefully.

"You expressed an interest in learning more of Chanicut," the Chaos Lord continues to Brin without pausing. The statement holds a measure of questioning in it.

Brin nods to Kendall and smiles at Maddy. He offers Emylynne his arm as he speaks. "I guess I still see these gatherings as more fun than necessity, being one of the younger Amberites. And yes I would like to learn more about your house."

"And why is that?" Kendall inquires.

"By learning more about your House I would have a little more understanding about Chaos as a whole," Brin answers.

"A most commendable goal," Kendall replies seriously. "There is much to learn, more than a lifetime's worth of information. But I would think Lady Emylynne would be able to help you with this endeavor." He looks at her questioningly.

"Qutedo nal Nore," Emylynne mutters under her breath. Kendall raises an eyebrow, looking faintly amused.

Brin clears his throat after Emylynne's comment. "I always like to get different views." He smiles and nods. "Lord Kendall. Lady Maddy. If you would excuse us, I think it's time for us to return to the dance."

Kendall nods politely at the two, watching them depart with a measuring gaze before turning to Maddy and bowing again. "Twould seem we have been abandoned," he observes. "Might I have this dance in order to soothe some of the pain of rejection?" he inquires, holding out his hand.

"My pleasure," Maddy answers, taking his hand to walk out onto the dance floor.

Kendall leads her onto the floor. "May I ask if you are a native of Amber?" he asks her as takes her in his arms and begins leading her through the movements.

"Heavens no!" Maddy answers with a gasp, adding with pride. "I'm a proud native of Shadow."

Kendall considers her answer before replying. "Have you personal feelings against being a native of Amber?"

She smiles with mischief. "I have personal feelings against all beings, even against the Universe Herself."

"You have a fascinating outlook," he observes. "May I ask why that is, exactly?"

"Because She has never been kind to me," Maddy answers. "I have been used and abused, enslaved and raped."

"How distressing," Kendall answers sincerely. "However, you have survived these trials. Perhaps you will be able to accomplish your revenge."

"Revenge is overrated," Maddy utters with a hint of coldness. "Better to live for tomorrow than to dwell in yesterday."

Kendall's eyes gleam at her answer, and he nods. "One might suggest holding negative feelings toward the Universe because of your past would amount to the same thing," he points out.

"But not to learn from the past is also a mistake," she answers. "But if I never act on those feelings, then they are only feelings."

"I see," Kendall answers. He is silent for several heartbeats, as the movements of the dance take her away and bring her back, expression thoughtful.

"I am…sorry to hear that you have been so ill used in your past," he says then. "It would appear you have found more positive circumstances since then."

"With a little luck, lots of effort, and the good fortune of finding the right man," Maddy says with a dazzling smile.

Kendall nods. "Prince Devlin?" he inquires then. "May I inquire of his relation to the Royal Family?"

She seems amused about something as Kendall speaks. "He is the son of Prince Bleys, half brother to the Queen."

Kendall nods at her answer. "How is it that you came to be in Amber?" he asks curiously. "From Shadow," he adds.

"Yes, I was born in Shadow," Maddy says. "But I was never marooned in just one place like the others." She pauses as if trying to recall something. "Wisps, I believe they're called in Chaos."

Kendall nods. "I have heard the term," he answers. "How is it that you were able to travel through Shadow?" he asks curiously. "Were there any places in particular that you enjoyed?"

"I have many ways to travel in Shadow, your Black Road being just one of them," she answers. "As for enjoyment, not really. A place is just a place; it's the people that make it interesting."

Kendall quirks an eyebrow at her. "An astute observation," he remarks. "Where, then, did you find the most interesting people?" he alters his inquiry.

Again she smiles at that question, looking both at him and the people about the room. "Need you ask?" she answers with a faint grin.

Kendall glances about the room as well, an ironic expression sparking in his eyes before he returns his gaze to Maddy. "I am uncertain if the term 'interesting' would be most appropriate in this instance," he remarks. "However, the people of Amber will indeed keep me busy learning as much about this land as I may." He nods.

"I said many of those same words when I was in the Courts," she replies.

"Perhaps you did not meet the correct people," Kendall answers as the music draws to its close. Coming to a stop, he bows to her. "Tis a pleasure," he says as he stands. "I look forward to discussing our perceptions of Chaos and Amber at a future date."

Maddy simply smiles again, returning his bow with a curtsy before moving on to other pursuits.

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