Wary Welcome

The two Chaosians pass along the enclosed walkway towards the castle to find the doors stand open already, an honor guard of six Knights waiting, dressed in full plate. The Amber Knights step aside and form up around the visitors, escorting them to the Ballroom.

Under the warm glow of candlelight, the huge room is awash with colors. Lords and Ladies of Amber noble families mill about, waiting to see the rumored Chaos Lords. Sir Randel stands at the head of the stairs, dressed in his signature black doublet. He smiles and bows as the two dark-clad figures approach, his mane of curly black hair hiding his face for a second before he straightens up. He bends an ear to what the guests wish to have said, listening with an expression of dutiful respect on his face. Then he announces to the room, "Lord Brisbane, Ambassador to the Court of Amber from House Chanicut of Chaos, and Lord Kendallairithan, Lord of Protocol and Minister of Friendship from House Chanicut of Chaos."

Both men are dressed in calf-length robes of black velvet with belled sleeves, trimmed with green satin and embroidered in gold with elaborate and fanciful designs. Black velvet trousers underneath are tucked into low black boots. The white-haired older man with dark eyes nods formally to those present already as he enters the hall. The younger man, pale-eyed and dark haired, looks about inquisitively, nodding politely in his turn, walking to the right and slightly behind the other. Both have their hands tucked in their sleeves and wear gracious and calm expressions, though the older man seems more relaxed.

Sir Randel’s voice carries across the ballroom as he makes his next announcement. "My Lords and Ladies of Amber, Prince Brin of Arden and Lady Emylynne." The young Prince and Lady enter the ballroom after their announcement. Prince Brin is dressed in a black and white tuxedo with white and gold cufflinks. The young Lady Emylynne walks closely beside him, dressed in an elegant sapphire silk gown with a sparkling crystal-beaded black lace overskirt. Her long blond hair is tied back with a matching sapphire ribbon.

Sir Randel's voice rings out. "Prince Julian of Amber, Lord Protector of Arden, his lady General Kiara Sorrell, Princess of the Realm, their daughter Lady Juliette of Arden, Guardian of the Grove, and the Lady Hannah Elon-Marsh of Atlantis!"

Julian, looking dashing as ever in his uniform and showing no signs of his recent illness, enters with his lady on his arm. Kiara is dressed in an angel-winged gown of finely pleated royal purple silk that is fitted through the torso. Around her waist, a belt that wraps around her twice and hangs a little low after the second wrap in the front is made of peacock feathers enameled over antique gold that matches the gold of her large ruby engagement ring on her left hand. On her hair, worn in a long braid down her back, is a circlet of gold etched deep with running horses.

Behind them is a pair of wide-eyed, excited and awed young ladies. Juliette's dress is similar to the angel-winged gown Kiara wears, only hers in finely pleated blue silk that matches her eyes and with silver trim and laces. The belt is made up of finely wrought leaves of silver, ending in a clasp made in the shape of a blue monarch butterfly. A circlet that matches the dress and adorned with metalwork periwinkles and lilies of the valley perches on her dark hair worn loose around her shoulders. Devlin will likely note that Juliette is wearing the necklace he gave her at her birth.

Juliette's companion is a young girl of the same age dressed almost identical, except her dress is in pale green with pale gold trimmings that also matches her eyes and the circlet on her hair of spun gold is made up of perfect metalwork and enameled daisies.

Kiara smiles warmly at Brin as they enter, but mostly she seems to only have eyes for the man beside her. Juliette gives her half brother a wave and both girls giggle softly about something as they move into the room. They don't really need a reason to giggle; they're 12.

Sir Randel clears his throat, "The Knights of her majesty Queen Morgana.” In filed 12 Knights, resplendent in their shining armor and handsome as any fairytale savior.

"Their Majesties’ children, Lord Manley and Lady Barbel." A young boy about 10 with wheat-colored blonde hair, dressed in dark blue and white holds the hand of his sister. The 6-year-old’s fat blonde-white curls are pulled up around her face, complimenting the gold and pale pink gown she wears. Both briefly look nervous, but Barbel lowers her head to listen to the raggedy doll that she holds, and then squares her shoulders and the two children walk to their seats.

In her role of Captain, Briar most likely arrived long before anyone else. Having coordinated a slew of frenzied last-minute security checks, she is now standing in some unobtrusive spot near the door, keeping a wary eye on all who enter. She is in her most formal uniform, arms crossed, expressionless and unmoving except for the restless flickering of her dark eyes.

The trumpets blare briefly before Randel announces, "His royal majesty, King Eric, ruler of Amber, protector of the Golden Circle, husband of Morgana le Fey, father of Princess Briar, Princess Erin, Lord Manley and Lady Barbel. Her royal majesty, Queen Morgana, ruler of Amber, protector of the Golden Circle, heir to the house of Lyonese, wife of King Eric, mother of Princess Erin, Lord Manley and Lady Barbel."

Those in the room that were not already standing come to their feet as Gana and Eric fill the doorway. Eric wears his hallmark colors, a black tunic trimmed with black fur and red brocade silk slits along the fitted arm. A pristine white silk shirt gives way at the sleeves and collar. His slacks match his tunic style, and a small circlet of gold sits across his brow.

For her part, Morgana wears a silk gown of scarlet satin with a full bustle. Her fiery locks are worn simple and free down her back. She wears a few rings and her legendary wedding ring, but no crown or necklace. The two exchange a smile as they step into the room, nodding to their guests. Gana smiles at her children, giving them a small wave and wink before turning her attention to her well-known friend, Kiara. It is obvious she wishes to rush over and greet her long-absent friend and her mate, but apparently lessons in decorum win out.

Kiara and the girls execute deep and proper curtseys in unison at the royal family's entrance. Once they stand, the girls hide their giggles and whisperings behind their hands until Kiara leans down and whispers something to them, after which they both look chagrined and continue their conversation with as much quiet decorum as two preteens can muster in the situation. Kiara smiles and turns, giving Gana an exasperated "Teenagers…" look, followed by a wink.

Devlin finally arrives with his lady, Madeline, sighing at the fanfare. The Herald belts out, "Prince Devlin, Prince of the Realm, Brother to the Queen, Patternmancer-" The Herald frowns at the parchment in his hands, "Surf God of the Big Island, Kahuna of Reality-surfing, and the Son of Bleys."

Devlin is dressed in a casual suit of dark colors that set off his hair and eyes, a rakish smile, and a pair of Ray-Bans to match. He smiles at the crowd, holding close beside him a blonde bombshell of a woman - lithe, muscular, beautiful and buxom. The herald continues, "His Lady, Madeline, Lady of the House, Queen of his Heart, and Jewel of his Eye." Devlin leads his companion to his Sister's table.

The Queen chuckles outright and shakes her head, "Surf god?"

With all due and utter lack of humility, Devlin responds as if called by name, "Yes, Gana?"

Gana grins, a hand on her hip, "You left out some of your titles. I will see that Genoveve gives them to our good herald for next time." She nods to Madeline before leaving her husband's side and walking over to Kiara.

"I am so pleased you have come," she says with enthusiasm before looking at Julian. Briefly she touches his hand, "And we are very happy to have you here again, Prince of Arden. Lady Juliette, you have brought a friend, pray introduce me," the Queen says, giving her attention to the young ladies.

The two Chaos Lords observe all of the family introductions from a distance, the older one watching both the Amberites and his companion with an almost bemused expression. The younger man somehow conveys the sense of a fish out of water without really changing expression very much; perhaps it was the stressed look about the eyes. However, with the arrival of the Queen and King, the Ambassador strides over to the group and bows formally to the monarchs. "Your Majesties," he greets them. "On behalf of House Chanicut and myself, I am most pleased to meet you." Kendall follows obediently after Brisbane, also bowing to the Monarchs, as well as nodding to the rest of those present.

Briar, having watched the arrivals and announcements impassively apart from snapping to attention and saluting when Their Majesties entered, now has her eyes riveted to the Chaosians, taking in every detail of their appearance, garb, and movement as they approach her father and his wife.

Gana nods to Kendall. "Did you find your chambers to your satisfaction, Ambassador?"

"They were quite satisfactory," Brisbane answers in his precise Thari. "Many thanks for inviting us into your realm. It is the hope of our House that our visit will sow the seeds for future cooperation between our people. The future always holds possibilities," he adds.

Gana does not wait for her husband to speak. "I could not agree more. Both our realms have suffered and have little but scars to show for it. Let this mark a new beginning," she assures him with her usual candor.

The Ambassador nods in agreement. "You are quite right, your majesty. I am looking forward to our discussions." He glances at his attaché.

Kendall’s glance had fallen on Kiara and Julian. "Good-" there is a short pause while he searches for a word, "evening," he finishes the greeting. He doesn't exactly smile, but curiosity begins to make its way through his faintly tense expression. "Is that the correct time of day to use right now?" he inquires of Kiara.

"Yes," she replies, polite but nothing more.

"Thank you," he answers. His gaze turns to the two young girls standing nearby, a tiny frown of puzzlement producing a line between his brows. It clears quickly, however, leaving him with his expression of polite interest. He nods to the couple again, somewhat at a loss, and then turns back to the Queen. "Your Majesty, I would like to thank you again for your gracious assistance in reaching my destination earlier."

The Queen looks at Kendall and gives him a charming smile. "It was my pleasure, Ambassador. Once more it allows me to find my way around the castle. Tis a big place and I did not grow up here," she explains with warmth. "Would you like a glass of wine?"

Kendall nods. "You are very kind," he replies, relaxing slightly. Both he and Brisbane accept drinks from a passing server. Kendall takes a sip, glancing about again as he does, then back to Morgana and Eric. "And now that both of you are present, I would like to wish you fair returns on your, ah, 'marriage'," he adds, the quotes around the word almost audible. "I am looking forward to having an opportunity to continue our discussion about such things at a later date." Brisbane sips his drink, allowing Kendall to talk for a bit.

Gana beams and gives her husband a look awash with wantonness and affection. "We really are married, in the event you were uncertain. I think there is a portrait of us in our refinery in…" She pauses before settling on the location. "In the Grand Hall. If you are uncertain as to what marriage is, I think we discussed it earlier today."

"No, I believe we finally came to the point of the misunderstanding," Kendall answers. "The practice is similar. It seems that the conceptions around the practice are different."

Gana smiles, but at the sound of the trumpets, turns back to her husband who takes her hand in his. With all eyes turned to the floor in respect, the royal couple sweep past the assemblage to lead the way through the massive doors to the Grand Dining Hall, taking their places in the center of the royal table.

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